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Privacy Policy & Protection of Personal Data

This Privacy Policy aims to provide Trabzon Homes ® users transparency regarding the collection, usage, and storage duration of Personal Information, and their rights to modify or delete this information as a user.

As Trabzon Homes ®, we strictly adhere to the Turkish Data Protection Authority (KVKK Law) and prioritize safeguarding your personal data.

Trabzon Homes ® collects both the Personal Information and Non-Personal Information of its users. Your personal information comprises your name, surname, telephone number, and email address. Your non-personal information comprises your IP address, browser type, and operating systems. During the time you spend at the Trabzon Homes ® website, you will never be asked to share Private Personal Information, which comprises your political opinions, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual life, and all sorts of memberships.

Our means of collecting your Personal Information include your actions of using our website, enrolling in our events, subscribing to Newsletters, creating a personal account, and filling out contact forms. We do not collect and store any sort of personal information you do not share on our website.

We collect your non-personal information by using cookies and similar tracking technologies. We use cookies to tailor our website to suit your preferences and provide you with a more comprehensive and personalized usage experience. You may disable cookies in your browser settings. However, this action limits access to some of the services we provide.

As Trabzon Homes ®, we are committed to being transparent about how we treat your personal information. We use your contact information to provide you with better and more personalized services and to have better communication with you.

Trabzon Homes ® never shares your personal and non-personal information with third parties unless are under specific circumstances. Your personal information is shared with third parties when a legal obligation occurs and to protect the rights of Trabzon Homes ®. Your non-personal information may be shared with third parties, including search engines and social media platforms, to enhance your user experience through analysis of your behavior and preferences using cookies and similar technologies. Trabzon Homes ® never sells and rents your personal information to third parties.

KKVK Law states that data collectors are obliged to delete data every 2-5 years, and users are entitled to request access, deletion, or updating of their personal data at any time. For inquiries regarding access, modification, or deletion of personal information, contact us at [email protected]. Additionally, if you suspect a privacy violation, feel free to reach out. We will keep you informed of any updates to our privacy policy.