Ghassan A.Ghassan A.

After living 45 years in Germany, and God willing, in the eighth month (after two months), I will turn 65 years old, I decided to rest from work and study, to rest psychologically. I decided to look for a house in a comfortable area with fresh air. The idea was to move from Germany to Antalya, so I started searching on the Internet and found Antalya Homes.

I called them and asked if there are houses for sale in these areas because I want to rest and spend most of my days in Turkey on the sea and the beautiful weather. They told me that if I want moderate weather, Trabzon is the best city. I was transferred to the Trabzon office, I called Mr. Mohamad who is responsible for the sales in Trabzon office and gave him the information and specifications of the house I was looking for.

When he told me that they have several suitable homes, I booked a flight and came to Trabzon, Mr. Mohamad came with me, and there were very kind and respectful employees in the office, they welcomed me and helped me.

I chose a mountain apartment overlooking the sea. Praise be to God, the building is new, and they quickly helped me buy furniture, electrical appliances, and air conditioning. They also helped me translate papers and everything.

Alhamdulillah, I recommend Trabzon Homes and Antalya Homes, wherever you want to look for your comfort in Turkey, I am sure that you will thank me for this advice because you will be in capable hands.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday I got the title deed and paid the rest of the amount, and they still follow me in everything that i need on a daily basis, such as the procedures for transferring water and electricity subscriptions, etc.

Alhamdulillah, everything is fine.

Ghassan A.