In 2022, citizens of the Russian Federation lead the property market in Turkey.

The statistics by TUIK show that the number of properties bought by Russian citizens in the first 9 months of 2022 almost doubled the total sales made to Russians the previous year. Nearly 10.000 properties in Turkey were purchased by Russian investors between January – September.

In recent years, Trabzon has become the main investment center for Russian property buyers. A common misconception suggests that Russian investors cannot buy a property in Trabzon. However, the statistics show that Russian citizens are one of the major investors in Trabzon's property market.

Why Do Russians Invest in Trabzon?

couple talking to an real estate agent with trabzon uzungol in the background through windowLately, Trabzon has become the center of attention of foreign investors. Each year, the number of construction works and house sales in Trabzon Turkey increases due to the high demand. Only in 3 years, the number of completed and ongoing housing projects has increased by 47.3%.

Russians often invest in Trabzon real estate because of the welcoming culture and familiar living environment. Turkey is surrounded by 4 seas, which also brings cultural diversity to every corner.

The culture and ambiance of the Black Sea region, especially Trabzon’s, is pretty unique on its own terms. However, it also resembles the similar environment and ambiance of Russian settlements on the northern coasts of the Black Sea. This cultural and environmental synergy is one of the few reasons that promotes buying property in Trabzon from Russia.

In addition, life is quite comfortable and affordable in Trabzon. All amenities are at your disposal, which means everything you need is also easily accessible. The daily expenses such as transportation, nutrients, gas, and electricity prices are relatively lower in comparison to the other cities with similar living conditions.

Trabzon is a major production center of hazelnuts, tea leaves, tobacco, beans, and more. This high production rate allows residents to buy certain nutrients at lower than the market price because there won’t be any additional logistic costs. With lower expenses, the purchasing power of people living in Trabzon also increases, so that they have a privileged lifestyle in comfort.

Another reason why foreigners, especially families, prefer buying houses for sale in Trabzon Turkey is the city’s safe and healthy environmental conditions to raise their children. In recent years, Trabzon is mainly preferred by families because of the increasing number of family-friendly residential complexes.

These complexes mostly consist of more than just spacious apartments for sale in Trabzon Turkey. Most of these housing projects offer 24-hour closed-circuit camera systems, 24/7 security services, children’s playgrounds, and other extensive on-site facilities. These modern projects provide a safe environment for children to freely socialize and spend a lovely time with their loved ones.

Buying a property in Trabzon is more than an assurance, it also comes with great advantages of getting a residence permit in Turkey or becoming a Turkish citizen.

Foreigners who buy a residential property worth at least 75.000 $ are eligible to apply for a residence permit. However, there is also another option that provides more comprehensive rights and advantages: Becoming a Turkish citizen by property investment.

Foreigners who purchase a property worth at least 400.000 $ can apply for citizenship in Turkey. These individuals who are granted Turkish citizenship will be able to benefit from all the advantages such as limitless residency, ability to work, visa-free travel to 100+ countries with a Turkish passport, etc.

Working with a professional real estate company comes in handy at this point. While working with a real estate expert who knows your language and understands your needs, you can easily complete all transactions smoothly. Contact our real estate agents or visit our office in Trabzon to discover the essentials of living your best life in Trabzon!