Trabzon Homes ® has started providing professional legal consultancy services on a broader scale. Tekce Overseas, the mother company of Trabzon Homes ®, has established Tekce Visa to provide better legal consultancy services in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal.

As real estate investment consultants with more than 15 years of experience, the team of Tekce Overseas has been providing their customers with investment consultancy for residence and citizenship in Turkey and Spain ever since its establishment. With the establishment of Tekce Visa, we plan to provide consultancy services on a broader scale both geographically and legally.

What is Investment Consulting and Why Do You Need It?lawyer explaining something

Speaking on broader terms, investment consultancy includes both economic and legal guidance. This is especially the case when it comes to real estate investments. Depending on the regional regulations and circumstances, buying and owning real estate may require knowledge of civil code, public law, property law, and/or code of obligations.

The issues regarding buying and owning properties such as title deed conveyance, sales agreement, monetary transactions, property taxes, and municipality taxes may be very confusing for first-time buyers. And you may even need to know more regulations if you’re planning to obtain residency or citizenship through real estate investment.

This is where Tekce Visa steps in. The experts of Tekce Visa assist you with all these complicated procedures and follow up on all procedures in your stead if necessary.

Tekce Visa Offers Excellent Legal Consulting Services in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal

Tekce VisaThe expert team of Tekce Visa offers clients legal and investment consulting services in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal. Currently, our team provides on-point consultancy services in more than 20 languages.

One of our expertise areas is Turkish citizenship by investment. As the leading real estate company in Turkey, the team of Tekce Overseas has years of experience in Turkish citizenship by property investment. We follow up on all related regulations and make sure that our clients don’t have any trouble due to the complication of procedures or language barrier.

Another one of our expertise areas is residency applications. The team of Tekce Overseas has been helping its clients to obtain residency in Spain and Turkey. We now expand this service to Portugal as well.

We also help our clients with other legal matters regarding settling into a new country such as VAT exemption in Turkey, how to establish a company etc.

Consultants of Tekce Visa are well-informed and have years of experience in their fields. Our clients are able to handle these matters very smoothly and in the shortest amount of time possible. On top of it, our clients can benefit from both international consulting services thanks to our innovative approach and face-to-face consultation services thanks to our worldwide offices.

You can contact us if you have more questions on Turkish citizenship applications, Spanish residency by investment, or other related matters. We’re always happy to help!