Why Buy Property in Turkey

Turkey is a unique location where East meets West. Food, tradition, natural beauties and low living costs are things that Turkey is famous with and are some of the main reasons Turkey attracts so many tourists and investors from all over the globe. Here are nine excellent reasons why should you buy a property;

9 Reasons to Purchase a Property in Turkey

1. Wide Range of Properties

Did you know that you will find to all types of property in Turkey? With so many types of apartments from studios to spacious villa, you are one step away from to your dream houses. See our range of properties for sale in Turkey.

2. Property Prices

Turkey offers affordable property than other countries. For instance, London is more expensive approximately eight times than Istanbul. Thanks to the changed current exchange rate in recent times, now you can buy a property at affordable prices.

3. Under Constructed Property Payment Terms

If you want to buy an off-plan or under construction property, you can benefit payment terms between 6 to 60 months. In this way, you can pay the price of the property within five years and get your title deed. For first time buyers, this is also a great chance cause there is 0% interest to pay. For first time buyers, this is also a great chance cause there is 0% interest to pay. We have more than 150 properties for sale that come with under constructed property with payment terms.

4. Easy to Buy Property

It is now easier than ever before to buy a property in Turkey. Turkey has made many amendments to purchase laws over recent years to help in investors. The buying process can be completed within a week. Trabzon Homes help to you every step of the way for buying a property. See property purchase in Turkey for full details.

5. Transportation Facilities

Turkey is rich for transportation infrastructure and facilities. All highway, air and sea transport are both cheap and often used. Millions have been invested in airports around the country. Like Turkish Airlines have frequent flight schedules all year round.

6. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Turkey is a driving factor that decides many buyers should buy a property in here. They’re not wrong. According to the other cities, you will find that most thing you pay for is reasonable like the bills, council tax, water, electric, satellite TV and internet connections.

7. Variety of History, Culture and Entertainment

The country is home to beautiful beaches, traditional delicious food, natural wonders, and archaeological sites. Indeed many major cities provide many cultural activities than seaside cities, but coastal cities offer both historical places, sportive, and cultural activities.

8. Great Investment Chance

Turkey, which is known as a global hub of investments, offers many opportunities to investors. Many foreigners investors especially prefer Turkey for great investments. If you want a profitable return on investments, you’re doing the right place.

9. New Turkish Citizenship Conditions

According to new regulations published in the Official Gazette on 19.09.2018, Turkish citizenship conditions have changed. Now, foreigners can acquire Turkish citizenship in two ways. You can buy ready property worth of 250.000 USD, or you can obtain Turkish citizenship by notarized property purchase commitment worth of 250.000 USD. Click our Turkish citizenship page for more detail.

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