Mortgage in Turkey

2 Different Types of Mortgage in Turkey

There are 2 different types of mortgage in Turkey for having a real estate. Trabzon Homes will help you about how you can use these credits.

1- Credit from the Construction Company

There is a great opportunity to get credit directly from the construction company in Turkey. This process is extremely easy. All you need is a valid passport & sales contract with the construction company where all payment details are written. There are no additional documents, paperwork, and costs required.

Credit from the construction company has following advantages;

- Easier and faster process
- Direct credit and interest-free loan advantages
- There is no file charges and expertise costs
- You can take your title deed on your behalf with 60% or 70% down payment

The purchases of property for sale with an installment in Turkey are generally under construction. The payable cash rate and installment period are dependent on the construction firms. Usually, you pay minimum 30% maximum 60% down payment and minimum 12 months, maximum 60 months installment without interest for an apartment in Turkey by installment.

If you want to buy a real estate with credit from the construction company, Trabzon Homes is the right address. Because we are working with reliable and known construction companies in Trabzon . Trabzon Homes offers many special deals like apartments or villas with the payment plan for you. Just think! You will have best villas in Turkey with private pool with installment. We think it's a good idea.

2- Credit from the Bank

You found your dream home and need a bank loan to have it. You can be easily applied to bank loans with the reliable and professional team of Trabzon Homes, and you can have your dream home. You can buy your dream house safely with our sales representatives that are on your side at each stage. Trabzon Homes experienced staff is always with you until you moved into your apartment which you like!

Buyer must prepare all documents required for a mortgage in Turkey. Trabzon Homes will help the buyer to open an account and to translate all above-prepared documents to the Turkish language by notary office and to register for the bank.

Required documents for the opening bank account;

- Passport and Notary Translation (We help you to get notary certified translation)
- Tax ID number (We help you to receive it from Tax Office)
- Certificate for address verification (Valid documents: Residence permit, address written ID card or utility bill. Water, electricity, gas, internet utility bills are most common ones which show your name and address together.)

If you buy a property from Trabzon Homes, we help you to open a bank account in 30 minutes.

After we open a bank account, we apply for credit with these documents;

- Customer income document (with apostil approval and translated into Turkish or English by a sworn translation office)
- Bank statement (Get the statement of final 3 months from the account where your income flows)
- Document for the product to be purchased (Title Deed of the property)

A credit application is made to the bank after all the documents prepared. "Preliminary approval" comes from the bank maximum 3-4 days later. After coming "preliminary approval," the bank sends an expert to home for property valuation. Following the expert assessment, the bank loan is approved. After the bank loan is approved, buyers and sellers documents are complete for title deed application. Finally, title deed (Tapu) application is made.

If you plan to apply for a mortgage in Turkey, Trabzon Homes professional team helps to get your pre-approval at a Turkish bank to prepare your documents before you travel.