Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where I can get my residence permit?

You can get a residence permit from the provincial police headquarters or Police Headquarters.

2To get a Turkish citizenship for how long I should live in Turkey? In this period for how long I can be outside of Turkey?

Uninterrupted residence is defined in the article 11 of the Act 5901. Accordingly “an alien who applies for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship should live in Turkey for 5 years and may stay abroad without exceeding six months within the residence period required for the application. Each calendar year you have to stay in Turkey for 185 days.

3Is it possible to get a Turkish citizenship by getting married to a Turkish citizen?

After 3 years of marriage to Turkish citizen and while living in Turkey you can apply for a Turkish citizenship.

4Is it possible to keep Turkish citizenship while retaining the citizenship of another foreign state?

Yes, if you fulfill the required conditions for another foreign state citizenship, you can still maintain your Turkish citizenship as well.

5My Turkish Citizenship application was rejected can I re-apply?

Under the terms and conditions of Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, you can re-apply to the governorship of your place of residence again.

6Is it possible to gain Turkish citizenship depending on the mother or father?

According to Article 1 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403 Turkish citizens born from the mother or father have the right to acquire Turkish citizenship.

7How long does the process of acquiring citizenship take?

The process is within a reasonable time if all the required documents are complete for the citizenship application. Otherwise, the time varies if there is any missing information.

8Can I get information about the Turkish citizenship number of foreigners?

The identity card given to foreigners in the Republic of Turkey is 11 digits and starts with number 9.

9How do I learn in which stage is my application process after I submit my application for Turkish Citizenship?

You can get information about your latest situation from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior official website by entering your file number or identity information.

10How can I get Turkish citizenship directly?

If you buy property/properties 1 million USD worth with a condition that you will keep it on your behalf for 3 years, you and your first-degree family get Turkish citizenship directly. This is the fastest way!

11How to apply for citizenship in Turkey?

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship applications can be done by applying for citizenship in Turkey to the governorship of the place of residence in the country or to the foreign affairs office in abroad which can only be done by applying in person or with the special power of attorney. Applications made by email are not acceptable according to the citizenship in Turkey policy.