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Kamal A.Kamal A.

Hi everybody!

I am here now with Trabzon Homes. I look at purchasing property in Trabzon. I look at many websites, I spoke with lots of cowboys which was one of the things I was really worried about it. I also heard lots of stories about people getting ripped off on property deals here. I then approached Trabzon Homes and I just run out of the website and decided ''Okay, let me an inquiry about this''. Just as we set down for dinner, I think it was dinner yeah, a phone call rang, and gentleman İnanç Bekar said ''Are you interested in purchasing property?'', and I said ''Yes, what do you have?''. Then almost a few seconds later receiving property lİnks on my WhatsApp. One thing I did lİke about it, is that I got an immediate connection which was great. For all the others I did not get anything, I got one guy from a real estate agency that showed me everything about Trabzon. I said I do not wanna buy Trabzon, I wanna buy a property. So I made a commitment to Trabzon Homes. I arrived here on my initial drive here to look at my friend's apartment in Araklı. So I went to see his flat but I was not happy with it.

And then I called Trabzon Homes and Mr. İnanç come over almost immediately took me to see 3 properties and first thing let me just say, the first thing that happened was he took me to his office and shared the whole portfolio on Trabzon Homes indicated okay ''What would you like to see?'' looked at the properties and itinerary we went out there and saw one by one. From that I passed my videos to my wife she was basically saying ''Yes, yes that's fine'' and because of what we had, she decided it's the right time to come see the actual property itself.

Since we have been back to hospitality and professionalism I've been counted from Trabzon Homes. It's been amazing, so happy. You need to buy a house from Trabzon Homes. Don't bother looking anywhere else. That's the direction we took actually. After talking with so many property dealers, the direction we took was, we found somebody that was professional let's go with it. There is no point moving around and trying to search different property dealers. Trabzon Homes is for you.

I feel Mr. İnanç is the best man to deal with. I feel, he would show you everything he can and he is really nice gentleman. I am so happy I met him. Can't believe somebody in Turkey It's my first time and I have fallen in love with everything he has done. He gave me all the garden so I am feeling very convince now. I got my place, I am so happy.

So to summarise It's been a great adventure and believe it or not in 3 days I got my title deed. This is amazing and now I am happy.

Ohh! we now happy owners over property here in Trabzon. Kakuchi :)

Kamal O.