A title deed is a written proof of you are the owner of the property. In accordance with the slip specified in the sales agreement, the documents must be submitted for obtaining a Title Deed (TAPU in Turkish). This transaction is not complicated but it requires enough both knowledge and due diligence.

Title Deed Conveyance

To apply for a TAPU, the buyer must personally attend the Cadastral Office and carry the original passport and the translation of the passport. The Cadastral Office is the only authorized authority in Turkey, which can deliver or transfer TAPU. Before the seller hands over the TAPU to the buyer, the final payment for the property must be made and all taxes and state duties paid. After this, the buyer and seller meet at the Cadastral Office at the appointed time, where the official transfer of the TAPU takes place in the presence of a sworn translator. The issue of TAPU means that the buyer has become a full owner of the property.

Since the transfer of money from foreign accounts, the title deed conveyance of international buyers generally takes around 3 to 5 days. After signing title deeds, Trabzon Homes will help you to arrange moving utility subscriptions such as water, gas, electricity, from the previous buyer to your names.


Q: Should I pay any cost for title deed conveyance?
A: Yes. During the title deed transfer, the buyer will pay the following expenses;

  • In line with the related laws, 4% of the title deed tax is paid as shared between the buyer and the seller. However, if there is not an early agreement about this payment stage, it is expected that the buyer pays all conveyance tax according to Turkish customs.
  • Appraisal Report Fee
  • Circulating Capital of Title Deed Office

Q: Can children receive title deeds on their own names?
A: Yes. In this incident, parents must sign the document for their children. In addition, the birth certificate with an apostille of the child is the required document for this process.

Q: Can I choose a deputy for the title deed transfer, or should only lawyers do this for me?
A: Yes. You can give power of attorney to whoever you trust, not only lawyers or solicitors.

Q: Is the title deed transfer process different if there is an obtaining Turkish Citizenship through property purchase?
A: Normally, you can sell your property whenever you want in Turkey. But if you obtain citizenship by buying property, you cannot sell the same property to anyone first 3 years according to related laws. Therefore this obligation should be written in the title deed to be signed.

Q: What is the meaning of “title deed with hypothec”?
A: If the buyer has a debt to the seller, the hypothec comes into the process. Hypothec secures the seller’s due thanks to its assurance.

Q: What happens to my property after I die?
A: You do not own property only for a period of time, there are freehold rights in Turkey. Unless you decide to sell it, you and your family will keep your ownership right on your property. After your death, your property rights will be transferred directly to your family members.

Q: Does Trabzon Homes charge me for the title deed transfer service?
A: No. Trabzon Homes helps you with your title deed conveyance process as a free after-sales service.