Real Estate Services Overview

Buying your apartment or house from Trabzon Homes gives you the advantageous privilege to benefit from our high-quality “before and after-sales” services. Our policy is to achieve "customer satisfaction" at all stages of purchasing and residing your property in Turkey. After-sales services will be a continuous process as long as you use your home.

Hiring a Lawyer or SolicitorHiring a Lawyer or Solicitor
Hiring a Lawyer or SolicitorWe help you with a list of independent lawyers speaking your language in Trabzon.DETAILS
Property ManagementProperty Management
Property ManagementWe offer an perfect property management service that brings high profit to homeowners in Turkey.DETAILS
Opening a Bank AccountWe help you to open a bank account to transfer money from your country to Turkey in an easy and fast way.DETAILS
Opening a Bank AccountOpening a Bank Account
Getting Tax Number in TurkeyWe assist you to get a tax number to apply all registration and financial transaction in Turkey.DETAILS
Getting Tax Number in TurkeyGetting Tax Number in Turkey
Compulsory Appraisal ReportCompulsory Appraisal Report
Compulsory Appraisal ReportAs our sales service, we will assist you to arrange the property valuation report when you purchase a property with us.DETAILS
Title Deed ConveyanceTitle Deed Conveyance
Title Deed ConveyanceTrabzon Homes help you with your title deed conveyance process with zero failure under the agreed conditions.DETAILS
Property InsuranceWe helps you to secure your home with property insurance. Property insurance will cover your losses for damage from fire to flood, theft to earthquake.DETAILS
Property InsuranceProperty Insurance
Furniture Shopping TourTrabzon Homes will help you to find the best furniture that suits your dream place and your wishes.DETAILS
Furniture Shopping TourFurniture Shopping Tour
Utility SubscriptionsUtility Subscriptions
Utility SubscriptionsTo save time, effort, and costs, Trabzon Homes gladly assists its clients with the subscription process as after-sale service.DETAILS
Sell Your PropertySell Your Property
Sell Your PropertyTrabzon Homes assists you how to sell property with zero failure by getting the best price and saving your time.DETAILS


  • Helping you to find your dream property by organizing viewing tours.
  • Explain the total purchasing procedure in detail to you to have peace of mind if you have question marks.
  • We help you to find your dream property according to your budget!
  • Arrange a bank loan or credit from a Construction Company.
  • A secure sales contract!
  • Appointment with an English Speaking Lawyer if demanded.
  • Receiving the tax number & informing you about your property taxes in Turkey.
  • Make an appointment with a Notary Public for the power of attorney and an independent translator in your mother tongue.
  • Assist you in registering your tax ID number from the Turkish Tax Office.
  • Assist you in opening a bank account in Turkey.
  • Assist you in getting the appraisal report by providing an English speaking SPK validated expert.
  • A Happy Day! Registering the property on your behalf!
  • Register abonnements of electricity, water, and telephone. See expenses...
  • Provide an English speaking interior architect for the decoration and renovation of your home.
  • Help on real estate insurance against accident, health, storm, theft, and earthquake.


Further InformationPlease do not hesitate to contact us. Our Local Expert Agents will be glad to answer your questions.