Collaboration in Property Sales

We’re Looking Forward to Collaborating with International Real Estate Companies in Property Sales

Trabzon Homes ® is the local expert in Trabzon’s property market and a sub-brand of a multinational real estate company with offices all over Turkey and overseas branches in Cyprus, Spain, and Sweden. We have well-trained and experienced local property experts who speak 21 languages including English, Turkish, Russian, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Pashto, Urdu, Punjabi, etc.

Our comprehensive portfolio with the best property options and advanced communication channels provides significant customer traffic for property developers.

We secure profits with our advanced legal skills, nearly 20 years of experience on the market, and deep knowledge. Here are our principles and work ethic on long-term real estate partnerships in Turkey;

What We Offer

Best price guarantee

Professional property expertise with local specialists in 10+ branches

100% Customer Happiness with professional sales services

Assurance of your income

Who We Collaborate

Real estate agencies, solicitors, legal consultants and specialists of immigration programs

We instantly refuse personal partnership demands

How We Collaborate

You need to plan a viewing tour with your potential buyer. Our agents will show them around and interact with them to complete the sale

You need to send an e-mail to partner@tekce.comafter arranging the viewing tour

You will receive a reservation e-mail template, containing the contact details of the customer and their wish list from us

A report regarding your customers’ viewing tour will be sent to you on the next day

Even if this customer has reached us previously, they will be considered as your customer because arranging a viewing tour is more important

What We Expect

You should follow up with your customer and make them ready for a viewing tour.

We should be the sole agency in this partnership

The sales prices should be the same in both our and your portfolio, honesty is significant

We will have a reliable long-term partnership based on our company values

What We DON'T Do

Your customer will not be registered by us because we work on a viewing-tour-basis

We do not provide any information to our partners regarding the property such as pictures, location, price list, etc. We believe that trust is important in real estate sales for a strong relationship with our customers

If you agree on the terms above, please send an e-mail to Next, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to sign a digital contract including the information about commission rate, payment methods, banking details, and your full contact data.