A Sample Copy of the Tapu Translated into English

Title Deed is an official document that shows you have ownership rights over the property. The owner's name, photograph, and detailed information of the property appear on this document. This official document is supplied and archive provided by Tapu and Cadastro General Directorate (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü - TKGM). Tapu conveyance is registered and archived by this directorate. Click here to learn more about our services and title deed swap


The title deed has to be sealed with a stamp in the central part at the bottom of the document. In most cases, a picture of the owner is suffixed and sealed to the top-right of the Tapu, but it is not obligatory. All processes of conveyance are followed and fixed by Trabzon Homes Real Estate's experienced staff.

The Meanings of the Terms Appearing on a TAPU are as Follows:

Title DeedAna Gayrimenkulun Description, location, and cadastral coordinates of the property
Ili - City
Ilçesi - Town
Mahallesi - District
Köyü - Village
Sokagi - Street
Mevkii - Area
Pafta No - Sheet number
Ada No - Plot/block number
Parsel No - Parcel number
Niteliği - Feature (whether it is building land, vacant land, or cultivated land)
Yüzölçümü - Area/size of the land (summation of the figures shown for the three parameters below should add up to the total size of the mainland)
Kat Mülkiyeti (Ownership) - Ownership of the independent unit which is ready to use (flat, house, office, etc. built on the mainland)
KAT İrtifakı (Floor Easement) - Ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use yet (either because of an ongoing development/construction work or because usage permit from the municipality has not been gathered yet)
DEVRE MÜLK - Fractional/timeshare ownership (owned for a certain period of a year)
Bağımsız Bölüm - Information about the independent unit (the property subject to the user such as a flat, house, etc.) on the mainland
Satış Bedeli - Purchase price of the property
Arsa Payı - Land share (what proportion of the land belongs to the independent unit)
Blok No - Block number
Kat No - Floor number
Bağımsız Blm No - Independent unit Number
Edinme Sebebi - The reason why the property is being acquired (From who to whom the property has been sold and any other relevant explanation)
Sahibi - Name(s) of the current owner(s)

More than one person can own the same property. In this case, their respective shares are to be shown in this section. The respective shares are illustrated in terms of the proportion of the mainland.


Q: What is the title deed (Tapu)?
A: A title deed is a legal document proving the owners' ownership of a property.

Q: Is property ownership leasehold or freehold in Turkey?
A: All title deeds in Turkey are freehold. There is not any leasehold property in Turkey. That means once you have the title deed, you have full ownership rights, as well as inheritance rights as well.

Q: How do I obtain the title deed (Tapu) in Turkey?
A: The required documents are provided by the seller if you buy a property in Turkey. If you are a foreign buyer, you should prepare translations of the necessary documents as well. After the necessary documents are ready, the owner applies for title deed conveyance, and Land Registry and Cadastre Office call parties for final signatures.

Q: What are the necessary documents for title deed conveyance?
A: Required documents for the title deed conveyance application are as follows: The translation and the original buyer’s passport, buyer’s tax number, statement of identity information form, appraisal report, a current title deed, encumbrance certificate, foreign exchange document, and seller’s ID.

Q: How long does the title deed conveyance process last?
After your application with all the required documents, it takes generally one or two days depending on the work volume at Land Registry and Cadastre office.

Q: Is there a special process for a title deed if I buy a property for Turkish citizenship?
Normally, all the properties are in freehold in Turkey which means you can buy and sell any properties at your free will. But, when you buy a property for Turkish citizenship by investment, you can't sell the property within 3 years. Also, you need this statement on the title deed as well.

Q: What is hypothec?
A: Hypothec is an obligation, right, or security given by contract or by operation of law to a creditor over property of the debtor without transfer of possession or title to the creditor. In Turkey, Hypothec on title deed is used when buyers owe an amount of money to sellers. It is removed from the title deed when the debt is paid.

Q: How can I remove the hypothec from my title deed?
A: Just like the title deed process swap process, the owner of the title deed applies for the hypothec removal, and bot parties call for signing the changes in the title deed.

Q: Can my children under the age of 18 have title deeds?
Yes. The required documents are the child’s apostilled birth certificate.

Q: Can I share a title deed with other people?
Yes, you can buy it with several people together. Depending on your share on the title deed, you have ownership rights of the property. There are no limits on people or shareholders can be written on the title deed.

Q: Does my spouse have the rights on my property?
According to the Turkish civil code, if you purchase the property after your marriage, your spouse has the same rights as you even if your spouse's name is not written on the title deed.

Q: What happens to my property when I die?
Since the properties you buy in Turkey are freehold, your family members have the right of succession after your death.

Q: What are the title deed costs?
Title deed conveyance costs are;

• Buyer pays 2%, the seller pays 2% as conveyance tax according to the law. If you do not negotiate before purchasing the property, it is expected that the buyer pays all conveyance tax as Turkish customs.
• Appraisal Report Fee
• Title deed office circulating capital

You can visit our up-to-date expenses page for detailed information.

Q: If I lost my original title deed, can I have it reprinted?
Your original registration is protected as hard and software copy with high security at The Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. You can easily reprint your title teed from here.

Q: What is Title Deed Swap (Tapu Takas)?
A: Title deed swap system (Tapu Takas) is a safe and new way for title deed conveyance. The system works with the General Directorate of Land Registry and Takasbank (title deed office bank account). Once the payment and title deed is transferred, the system sends money to the seller and the title deed to the buyer within seconds.

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