Verified Price

The “Verified Price” badge points out that the price of the property has been directly verified by the property owner. We use this badge to avoid information pollution occurring on other real estate platforms.

Verified Price

At Trabzon Homes, we only publish the properties that have the best possible prices in accordance with our “Best Price Guarantee” principle. Our expert team evaluates the properties to see if their pricing is appropriate before publishing on our website.

The prices of the properties on our website are controlled daily. If we find our published property on any platform with a lower price, we immediately contact the property owner to learn the reason why.

This situation mostly happens because small real estate agencies do not update their property prices on a daily basis as we do. This is why customers encounter lower prices. The property prices should be controlled and updated to avoid misinformation.

Under-construction properties are offered for sale at the lowest price possible at the beginning of the construction. The properties’ prices begin to increase as the construction draws close to completion. The properties will have the highest possible sales price when they become ready to move in. (Read Different prices on different websites for detailed information)