Buying a Property in Turkey Step by Step

First of all, buying a property in Turkey is an easy process if you know how to do it. Trabzon Homes has valuable after-sales services that are very useful to start living at your home. Our company will help and support you at every stage of the process.

Buying process contains these important stages;

1. Wish List
2. Viewing tour
3. Deposit payment and Signing the Sales Agreement
4. Legal Procedures
5. Signing and Receiving the Title Deed and Moving in

1. Wish List

The most effective way to find yourself a new home is to list your criteria and preferences. In order to get better service from real estate consultancy, you need to list your expectations from a property such as location choices, property types, and features, etc. The purpose of purchasing is important to decide which type of property is going to be bought. 

As Trabzon Homes, we consider the best options according to your expectations and wishes. After your statement of your wish list, we evaluate the best property options we can present to you. For the next step described as "Viewing Tour", our representative will share property options that pleasantly fit with the preferences on your wish list.

2. Viewing Tour

The viewing tour phase will start with your arrival in Turkey. We will set up a date to meet with you through one of our many agents who can speak your language to communicate with you easily. Our sales agent is going to bring you to our office from the hotel and you will get presented with the best property options that suit your preferences. This brief meeting helps us to understand the exact needs and make the viewing tour more effective. After the presentation viewing tour will begin.

What happens on a viewing tour? One of our managers shows you the best property options based on your search criteria. During the viewing tour, it would be better to ask more questions and tell us your requests so we can give you better options.

it takes 3-4 days to make a decision, but some of our customers bought the property in 24 hours. We prefer not to push on our clients; we think that this is not a professional way of giving services. Buying a property or doing an investment abroad is a very serious step and we want our customers to feel comfortable.

3. Deposit Payment and Signing the Sales Agreement

After the viewing tour, if a customer would like to go further and purchase real estate, we prepare a sales agreement according to the final price and payment plan which is created clearly. In the phase that includes signing the sales agreement, we suggest that two sides, which is the buyer and the seller, should participate. 

When making a sales agreement, a deposit must be made to reserve the property which is mostly determined as 5.000 USD. As a leading real estate company, we make sure that buyer is purchasing the property with;

• Exact property which is shown to buyer,
• Provided from the actual seller,
• Debt-free,
• Under the agreed conditions.

A sales agreement is compiled in two languages – Turkish and the customer’s native language and has two copies made for buyer and seller. It contains all the requirements and conditions that the seller and buyer must comply with. This agreement has a legal force, if one of the parties fails to comply with the terms of the contract, an application is submitted to the court.

The down payment of the property, which is usually determined between 30% and 50% of the sales price, should be made within 1 to 4 weeks. The rest of the amount will be paid at the title deed conveyance.

4. Legal Procedures

One of the important issues that buyers are wondering about is the paperwork. Because the foreign buyers have not any information about purchasing process in Turkey, it can be a bit of a stretch. The only information needed is the passport and a local tax number which will be taken from the tax office in Turkey. We will help you with getting a tax number and also opening a bank account In a Turkish bank where you will make all the money transactions.

The appraisal report is an obligatory document for the title deed transfer. While preparing the valuation report, the expert valorizes the real estate itself. We work with our government-approved partners for an accurate and safe assessment.

5. Signing and Receiving the Title Deed and Moving in

In accordance with the slip specified in the sales agreement, the documents must be submitted for obtaining a Title Deed which is called "Tapu". To apply for a Tapu, buyers do not have to be present, the person who has power of attorney can attend the application process. Before the seller hands over the Tapu to the buyer, the final payment for the property must be made and all taxes and state duties paid. After the payment, you may get the title deed. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a property in Turkey!

In need, we will be ready to help you with our after-sales services.


Q: How can I find my dream home?
If you have a list of features that you are looking for, the next step is to find a real estate agent. You should evaluate agent options before deciding according to professionalism, past experiences, and emphasizing abilities because an agent should understand your expectations. Once you and your agent have clear communication, your agent will easily guide you to your dream property.

Q: How many properties should I see during a viewing tour?
Three or four properties are good for a viewing day. Fewer options might not help you find the one you wish, while more options may confuse you at the time of examining your options.

Q: What is a good real estate agent like?
A good real estate agent should be professional and experienced. Besides, your agent should be caring and understanding. You should have clear communication and understanding with each other. A real estate agent is supposed to assist and guide you during the purchasing process. He shouldn’t be “make a sell oriented”, instead he should care about you, your expectations, and your savings. Professionals know: Sales success comes automatically when the business is appropriately done.

Q: How can I ensure that the property I buy has no problems?
Checking the appraisal report could be a good start. If the property is debt-free, all construction and habitability certificates are provided and the physical condition of the property is good, this means you are buying a property without problems.

Q: Are the legal procedures long-lasting and complicated?
Legal procedures for buying a property in Turkey are not complicated in Turkey when compared to most of the countries. If you have already transferred your money to Turkey, you can get the title deed within four working days after choosing the property.

Q: Can everybody purchase a property in Turkey?
Yes, everyone from any country, except for politically unrecognized countries, allowed to buy properties in Turkey.

Q: Is it possible to purchase a property in Turkey remotely?
Yes. Thanks to our TeleProperty service, you can buy properties in Turkey remotely. You can contact us directly to book your online viewing tour.

Q: How much of a deposit payment would be appropriate while signing a contract?
Paying 10% of the purchasing price as a deposit is proper. This shows that you are a serious buyer and respect the terms agreed during the negotiation.

Q: Is it advantageous to hire a lawyer for buying a property in Turkey?
Not in all cases. If you are dealing with a professional real estate agent, your agent will help you protect your rights and close the deals successfully. However, if you are not feeling comfortable while purchasing a property in a foreign country, you may prefer hiring a lawyer to follow up on the process for you.

Q: Why should I deal with Trabzon Homes while purchasing a property?
Trabzon Homes guarantees 100% customer happiness and “Zero Failure”. We have the best price guarantee which means you will not find a cheaper price anywhere else than ours for the same property.

Further Information

If you have more questions about the process described above, visit our WikiProperty page. Or contact our sales representative by email, phone or one of our local offices.