Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By Fund Investment

New and flexible requirements for foreigners to get Turkish citizenship entered into force in the Turkish Parliament. The conditions for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship were changed according to the agreement published in 2018 in the Official Turkish Gazette. Trabzon Homes is ready to help you throughout the all citizenship process in Turkey with professional service.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship By Fund Investment

FAQ & Information about Turkish Citizenship by Fund Investment

• Minimum investment via banks (Halkbank, İş Bank, Akbank or QNB Finansbank) 500.000 USD
• Licensed funds by Capital Markets Board Of Turkey
• Average performance in 2017: %32
• Your title deeds and money are under the control of the custodian
• Young Company and Ernst audits to funds

Application Process and Required Documents

• Turkish translation of education certificate passport and the actual education certificate of passport from notary
• Photocopies of foreign person’s current and short-term residence permit
• Application of the investment information regarding the Real Estate Investment Fund or the Investment Capital Investment Fund owned by the Central Registry Agency.


Q: How to acquire Turkish citizenship and how does the process work?
You may apply to the bank (Halkbank, İş Bank, Akbank, or QNB Finansbank) When purchased the real estate investment fund (REIF) valued above 500.000 USD. This is the shortest and easiest way to get Turkish citizenship. This form will be sent to the Capital Markets Board Of Turkey after the application. As Trabzon Homes, we receive an "Approval Document for Citizenship" from the bank. This document is required for citizenship application fund investment. As the last process; the application is sent to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and you will be invited for signature.

Q: What are the documents required to get Turkish citizenship?
The team of Trabzon Homes helps you to supply all the necessary documents after obtaining funds with us.

Q: Can it be multiple funds or bank deposits or do I need to purchase just one fund above 500.000 USD?
You might get various funds and put some portion of money into bank deposits of more than 500.000 USD with a total value. But keep the fact that you need to apply at the same time for all in your mind. The Turkish Government accepts citizenship applications if the values are above 500.000 USD.

Q: What does the “3 years rule mean?”
That means you can’t sell your investment for 3 years to get Turkish citizenship. However, you will be able to get your interest, dividends, or profit.

Q: How long is the process?
It takes time between 2 and 4 months if all the required documents are ready for the Turkish citizenship application.

Q: Do I have to purchase a commercial fund with a rental income guarantee and will I be able to acquire citizenship by investment that way?
Yes can invest any type (house fund, commercial fund, and land fund) of the fund.

Q: Can more than a person benefit from a fund?
Your children under the age of 18, your wife, or your husband can benefit from a fund along with you.

Q: How much does Trabzon Homes demand for the follow-up service fee?
As the Trabzon Homes team, we are experienced in citizenship by real estate investment. This is the most popular way to acquire citizenship. Until you receive your Turkish passports, Trabzon Homes will help you by selecting the best option for profitable funds. We demand 2.500 USD + VAT as a service fee.