Thanks to the rapidly advancing technology and the real estate industry's compliance with the technology, the real estate search starts online nowadays. If you are looking to buying a property, your first step is searching different websites and portfolios to compare. These details can vary from website to website because the sales conditions can change, and photos can focus on different aspects of the building but, even the prices can differ from website to website. You may encounter this before and wonder about the different prices. There are different reasons behind different prices;

Out-of-Date Website

Most people think that's easy to open a real estate agency and start selling properties right away. How hard could it be to open a website and add many portfolios right? After few months passed they realize why it's hard though. because they don't keep the information about the property and prices up-to-date, the website and the properties will lose their accuracy.

What do we do?

We have a broad portfolio management team that makes daily upgrades when they got feedback from construction companies, sellers, or office managers. You can see the last update date of each property on our website. Also, we update all of our property data at least every 3 months even if we don't get any inquiry for that property.
Our slogan for an up-to-date website is: "Every Time Correct Prices"

Exchange Rates and Updating

We use an automated system for updating exchange rates on our website, unlike many real estate companies who just make this exchange when they add the property to their website for once. After adding the property they don't check it as the exchange rate changes over time and after a while, the price doesn't reflect the truth anymore.

What do we do?

At Trabzon Homes, we publish the exact price from the Construction Company, and from this price, other currencies are calculated. On our website, the system updates exchange rates automatically twice a day based on Turkish Central Bank rates, and the prices of properties are calculated accordingly.

Bad Intentions

Some malevolent real estate agencies intentionally mislead the buyers while they search for a property online. These companies determine a cheaper price for attracting the buyer to themselves and when they got contacted, try to mislead the customer by saying that "the project is sold out recently", "they increase the price just a few days ago", or "That project is cheap because it has a bad location, let me offer you a better one" etc. By using this misleading way, these agencies are trying to contact as many buyers as possible hoping that they would buy.

What do we do?

Trabzon Homes always believe that "Honesty is the best policy", and this is one of the main company policies. We have 2 solutions to this problem:

1. Best Price Guarantee

If you notice a higher price on our website than on another website, we guarantee to give an extra %1 discount from our commission after negotiation on a possible sale. If you noticed a different price, may you fill in the contact form below and send us the link to that advertisement. You can learn more about our Best Price Guarantee.

2. Verified Price

You may notice "Verified Price" badges on our properties. This badge means that the property’s price is verified directly from the property owner. We use this badge to prevent our customers from price pollution on online real estate platforms.

Whenever you see the badge of "Verified Price", you may be sure that the price is verified directly from the property owner.