Speaking of real estate investment in Trabzon, which has 18 districts in total, the first ones coming to mind are Ortahisar, Akçaabat, Araklı, Arsin, and Yomra. If you are a professional investor or a pre-investor, the high returns in the Trabzon property market will satisfy you as a safe investment area.

So, this blog is about the features of the top-investment districts in Trabzon and what they offer according to your investment approach. Keep reading!

What are the Best Places To Invest in Trabzon Real Estate?

It is an answer that may change according to your property investment priorities, but Ortahisar is the highlight of recent times. The other top regions are Yomra, Araklı, Arsin, and Akçaabat.

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few buildings with bridge in trabzonIn the last month of 2022, the prices of real estate for sale in Ortahisar increased by 8.93%. When we look at the change in the last 3 years, we see an increase of 306.6%. This change, which is at a considerable rate, primarily shows how soon your return on your investment will come.

When the residents are asked why it is in such high demand, the first two reasons to buy a property in Trabzon, Ortahisar are the central location and safety. They say that public transportation is sufficient for easy access to all parts of the city and that they can walk safely no matter day or night.

The abundance of cultural and tourist attractions in the region convinces tourists to stay here to wander around the city easily. It shows that you can buy and rent your house for a short period, such as Airbnb, and earn a high rental income.

In short, this is the best location to get maximum profit from your Trabzon investment property in a short time.


city and sea view in trabzonThe last month's sales price increase in real estate in Yomra is 8.16%, which is also a very high rate for investors. The price change in the previous 3 years is 344%, also proving that your investment will be very profitable in a short time.

Located 15 kilometers from the city center, Yomra is accepted as a calm and economically comfortable district. The district is well-developed in terms of transportation and infrastructure.

Having kilometers of coastline and many scenic beauties, it stands out as a perfect option for living intertwined with nature. There is also a well-known blue-flag beach, Kaşüstü Beach, in the town center, which is preferred by tens of thousands of tourists annually.

You can buy a property in Trabzon, Yomra to rent it as a holiday home to visitors to maximize your investment return.


few houses and a stone bridge inside a valleyAraklı is one of the areas that have started to be restructured with high-budget development projects. Since the region has flatter and less hilly land compared to other parts of the city, the construction process is faster and costs less, making it the first choice for real estate projects.

As you can see on our real estate for sale in Araklı listings, many new projects have started to be constructed. It is a candidate to be one of the new centers of Trabzon. It would be good to invest in real estate for the long term here.

You can buy an apartment with a sea view at very affordable prices and open the door to a peaceful life intertwined with nature in Araklı. During this time, the region will develop further, and your investment will increase in value by the same proportion.

On the other hand, it may also be profitable to invest in land for sale in Araklı, especially due to its low slope. It will be an excellent choice for new property projects as it has a high buildability rate.

In short, if you want to live in a decent region and want your house to gain value in the market, this is the best option for you.


colorful buildings with trees surroundedAkçaabat is the largest district of Trabzon, located in the middle of the Eastern Black Sea Region. It is known for its meatballs (Akçaabat Köftesi) and traditional folk dance, horon.

It has long been the hot spot for real estate investment in Turkey, Trabzon. Looking at the numerical data, the last 1-month price increase is 5.85%, and the 3-year price increase is 300.4% in the real estate for sale in Akçaabat. It is a pleasant and safe town to live in. Investing and living here in the long term will make an investor more satisfied.

Considering the general living conditions, it is mentioned as a small and decent coastal district. It is so easy to reach the sea and scenic beauties, such as Sera Lake, Çalköy Cave, Hıdırnebi Plateau, etc.

The world-famous attraction, the Sumela Monastery, is very close to here. The Monastery is an area of ​​great historical and cultural importance, nestled in a cliff at an altitude of about 1,200 meters (3,900 ft) overlooking the Altındere National Park.

Of course, it will be so easy to rent your house, as this is a very popular place for tourists. But we are sure that you will absolutely want to buy another house to live in here.


It would not be wrong to say that Arsin is a living museum with its historical ruins and scenic beauties. Additionally, having a 7 km long coastline and its central location make the district one of the most suitable places to live and invest in.

It is a place that is certain to be appreciated particularly very soon. The biggest proof of this is the Trabzon Arsin Investment Island and Industrial Zone project, a very large-scale project supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

The project will be implemented with an investment of approximately 1 billion 800 million TL. It is expected to make a great contribution to both employment and exports in Turkey.

This place is at a premium, especially for investors, considering making commercial investments in Trabzon, Arsin. You can also greatly support your commercials by investing in a home because it seems obvious that Arsin is going to be a new living center in Trabzon.

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