We, Tekce Overseas, are continually looking ahead and moving forward in globalization to keep up with modern business changes and expand our service network by collaborating with well-known organizations and institutions. Now, we're proud to announce that Tekce Overseas has joined DEIK as a new member (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey).

About DEIK

DEIK is a non-profit organization that brings together local and worldwide enterprises with the goal of connecting the local market with markets in other nations. The organization can be thought of as a portal to the rest of the globe. It is a global representation of the Turkish economy and business market. It has consistently followed its objective of forging better business and cultural links with Turkey and other nations since its founding in 1985. It collaborates with local and international businesses, government agencies, private companies, and civil society organizations. Through the strategy formulation phase and business diplomacy, the organization's innovative efforts strive to expand the local business network to global institutions.

Tekce Overseas is a member of the Business Councils of Spain.

We are now members of DEIK's Spain Business Council as a Turkish company operating in both countries. As a result, we contribute to commercial efficiency while also working to improve relationships.

DEIK formed the Business Councils in order to strengthen ties between countries in particular. Country-based business councils, special-purpose business councils, and sectoral business councils are the three sorts of councils. The diversity of councils generates a greater level of private, distinct interest in the business sector. These councils research ways to improve market balance, conduct business investigations, seek out local or global corporations for collaborations, and create a conducive climate for such cooperation.

The formation agreement between the Spain Business Council and the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE) as a Counterpart Organization was signed in 1989. Tekce Overseas, a major real estate company with international operations, is officially a member of DEIK's Spain Business Councils!

Benefits of Being a DEIK Member

DEIK strives to increase market ties, intends to expand international trade capability, and announces new breakthroughs and innovations in the business sectors. The organization creates a conducive atmosphere for businesses to form new relationships with foreign firms and contribute to their globalization. It helps firms expand their service regions internationally and arranges events and activities that bring together representatives, entrepreneurs, and government officials to debate current issues and new developments.

Tekce Overseas encourages commercial convergence across countries as a member of the organization. We are ready to contribute to commercial developments and business activities as a leading real estate company with international branches. We joined one of the world's most prestigious semi-public organizations, and we've already set our sights on our next goal: membership in the Turkish Exporters Assembly.