13th International Art Days will be held on 01-04 June 2023. There will be many local and foreign artists at the art days organized by Trabzon Art House. Also, the art days are open to the public and free.

The International Art Days will host performing arts, visual arts, writing arts, and handicraft art artists. Important artists from the local, national, and international arena will take part in the art days.

With its history dating back to ancient times, Trabzon is an important part of Turkish and regional culture. In addition to being an important religious city, it has rich cultural and historical roots.

people staring photos at trabzon art days

Starting from Sumela Monastery to Trabzon Castle, Macka, and Uzungol, Trabzon is home to unique places. While the city has both historical and natural places, the city center also has a vibrant atmosphere. So, Trabzon is considered the harmony of culture and modernity.

Trabzon is already getting highly visited by both local and international tourists. Tourists may both attend the art days and enjoy the beauty of Trabzon. If you are also interested in more things to do in Trabzon, take a look at our related blog.

The art days will mostly take place at the Salon Garage of Trabzon Arthouse. Concerts of the art days will take place at Hamamizade Ihsanbey Culture Center, both in the center of Trabzon.

The artists mainly from Turkey, North Cyprus, Georgia, Russia, Afghanistan, and Syria will perform their art in these traditional art days. You may attend these exciting art days to explore famous artists’ photographs, listen to their concerts, attend panels, and do many more activities.

If you are willing to take a look at the event program, you may take a look at the 13th International Art Days official website.