Trabzon is a unique city suited to the Black Sea region in Turkey. The city offers an annual average temperature of 14.8°C. Here, the summers are warm and sunny while the winters are cooler. The city offers a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle. Here you can spend a winter in a hillside chalet watching the snowfall. During summer, you can sunbathe on beaches by the Black Sea.

Trabzon always has something to discover! Like other cities in the Black Sea region, Mother Nature ornaments Trabzon with matchless beauties. Picturesque valleys, plateaus, lakes, and waterfalls, are some of the wonders Trabzon offers.

Throughout its 4000 years long history, Trabzon has been home to various civilizations. The Roman, Byzantium, and Ottoman Empires left a rich historical heritage in Trabzon. The Abbeys, castles, museums, churches, and mosques in the city will impress history lovers.

What Does Living in Trabzon Look Like?

sidewalk next to a lake surrounded with greenery Trabzon always comes to mind with lush greenery and beautiful nature. Some of the beautiful spots are Ayder Plateau, Zagnos Valley Park, Botanical Garden, Calkoy Cave, Uzungol Lake, and Kayabasi National Park. If you are an adrenaline junkie or if you want to try out extreme sports, the city offers a chance.

The well-developed transportation system and road structure allow easy access to any distant part of the city. Apart from malls, restaurants, and cafes, Trabzon has a large scale of cultural facilities. Museums, theatres, and aquaparks are some of the spots to spend a weekend with your family.

Trabzon will steal your heart with its wonderful dishes, mainly seafood. It has a rich gastronomic culture. Trout, Black Sea pita, Akçaabat meatballs, Akçay doner, Vakfıkebir bread, and of course, black tea are some examples.

It wouldn't be wise to expect such a city in touch with nature to have a distant culture from this vantage. Each year, the locals welcome the arrival of spring with festivals. They perform a dance in their colorful traditional wear. They play a kind of folk music with kemenche. You should at least once watch and even join the horon dance during these cheerful occasions.

Real Estate Investment in Black Sea's Flourishing Treat Trabzon

Considering the wonders of the city, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Trabzon is popular among real estate investors. A great number of tourists leave Trabzon with good memories and later, decide to buy property in Trabzon.

According to recent data from Endeksa, the average monthly rent price in Trabzon reached 8.947₺ at the end of June 2023. This 112.08% price rise in real estate offers a big profit to property owners here. A rental income in Trabzon will provide a big margin of profit. The average redemption period is currently 22 years.

Potential Benefits of in Investing Trabzon Real Estate

houses on a climb surrounded with greeneryTrabzon attracts investors with its rich cultural background, wonderful nature, and social amenities. Trabzon is one of the cities in Turkey to feature one of the most rapid growths. With each passing year, real estate for sale in Trabzon gains more and more value with a higher margin of profit.

Since 2022, foreigners can apply for Turkish citizenship after purchasing real estate in Turkey. The property should be worth at least 400.000 USD. There is no obligation to live in Turkey. It will be enough not to sell it for 3 years. During this period, you can rent out. Later, you can sell it and enjoy a high margin of profit.

Should I Buy House in Trabzon for Investment?

Yes. There are various reasons why you should invest in Trabzon. Natural beauties, daily and social amenities, and the growing population place Trabzon on the focus of investors. Trabzon is rapidly growing and offering a serious margin of profit. In fact, the population reached 818.023 in 2022, with 1.339 new residents only in one year. The estimated population at the end of 2023 is 821.659.

Increasing popularity in the last year led home prices to climb up to 112.08%. So basically, Trabzon real estate is likely to gain more value in the future. Entre nous, the sooner you take a step, the more profit you will make!

Is Investing in Real Estate in Trabzon Risky?

city view with seaFirst things first: every big decision comes with a bit of risk. However, zero risk brings zero gain! Carefree decisions might result in issues in the future. Taking careful steps decreases the risk factor to a great extent.

If you want to live in your real estate, the interior spaces should give you a homey feeling. If you want to make a profit, a seaside villa will guarantee a higher short and long-term rental income. A well-developed complex will offer a large scale of amenities. High-quality construction materials and tasteful designs will require fewer additional expenses.

A four-season residential apartment should be in a well-developed environment. If you want a holiday home for sale in Trabzon, you might want to find a villa near the beach. If you want a tranquil environment, detached villas with forest views will be the best choice.

Moving to another country or investing in real estate for sale is like a big adventure. This advantage requires proper guidance. Researching the market, location, and construction quality are the key factors to avoid a risky move. What could be more of a lucky scenario than the real estate you bought match your expectations? If you say nothing, it would be best to work with a professional team.

The Trabzon Homes ® team will pay attention to your needs and expectations. We will take risk-free steps together to help you find your dream real estate for sale in Trabzon. Call us today for more details about our services or check out our webpage.

What are the Average Home Prices in Trabzon?

Endeksa has recently established a report on home prices in Trabzon, Turkey:

  • In June, the average 160 m² apartment and home prices in Trabzon climbed up to 2,424,800₺ with a 112,08% increase rate.
  • The average rent of an apartment house in Trabzon is 8,947₺.
  • The average redemption period for Trabzon real estate is 22 years.
  • The average price per m² for real estate for sale in Trabzon is 15,155₺.

Does Real Estate Market in Trabzon Offer a High Rental Income?

miniature house on papers with calculator next to itYes. Trabzon quickly gains growing popularity. This results in the real estate for sale in Trabzon to grow value. In June 2019, the average rent price was 7₺/m². This number increased to 62₺/m² in June 2023. The 791,39% price increase proves that investment in Trabzon homes is highly profitable.

The property age, location, property features, construction quality, and architectural design are important factors here. A villa with a Black Sea view or a centrally located apartment will surely offer a high rental income potential.

The first step you need to take is to clear your thoughts and decide on your expectations, needs, and budget. Our team will help you find the most profitable real estate for you.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Trabzon for Real Estate Investment?

It might be a piece of work to find the best areas for real estate investment in Trabzon. The most popular districts are Sürmene, Arsin, Araklı, Çarşıbaşı, and Ortahisar. Real estates with the shortest redemption period are in Maçka, Vakfıkebir, Başikdüzü, Çarşıbaşı, and Akçaabat.

The average prices per m² in various districts in Trabzon are as follows:

Home Prices per m² in Trabzon Districts
Jan. 2019June 2023