Trabzon’s education system is the same as in the rest of Turkey. Today, the education system in Turkey is regulated by a national system that has been established with Atatürk’s reforms. The Ministry of National Education is responsible for all of the planning. This includes establishing public schools, planning the curriculum, and assigning educators to public schools throughout Turkey.

sınıfta öğrencilerAccording to the national system, compulsory education consists of 3 phases and lasts for 12 years. The 3 phases of compulsory education are primary education first level, primary education second level, and secondary education. There are plenty of schools of all 3 phases throughout Turkey and in Trabzon thanks to the centralized education system.

As a result of the centralized system, almost all education institutions follow the same curriculum. This includes Trabzon secondary education and primary education schools as well. However, the situation is slightly different for privately owned schools and vocational schools.

Trabzon’s vocational schools and private schools follow the Trabzon curriculum designated by the Ministry of National Education to some extent. But, vocational schools and private schools usually offer additional courses to students. The contents of these additional courses vary depending on the visions and objectives stated by schools.

Are There Any International Schools in Trabzon Turkey and What Curriculums Do They Follow?

student reading book in a libraryThere are a few schools in Trabzon that are suitable for international students. In recent years, the number of foreigners who buy property in Turkey has increased tremendously. As the number of foreign residents increases, the demand for international schools has started to rise as well.

The demand for international schools in Trabzon is high as well due to the city’s popularity among foreigners. But today, most Trabzon international schools are intended for higher education. Trabzon primary education schools follow the national curriculum and provide education only in Turkish. The situation is not much different for Trabzon high schools either.

However, the national curriculum gives importance to foreign language education. According to the current system, children start learning a second language in the second grade at public schools. Some private schools even start foreign language lessons at kindergartens. These kinds of schools might be better for foreign children who just moved to Turkey along with their parents.

Trabzon TED Schools, Trabzon Ata Private Primary School, Açı Private School, Uğur Schools, Net Schools, and Candan Schools are some of the private primary and secondary education schools in Trabzon. It’s best to directly contact the schools to learn Trabzon school admission requirements, school programs, and lessons in detail.

Another one of the most searched topics among foreigners regarding education is Trabzon Islamic education facilities. Some of Trabzon's schools, both at the secondary and higher education levels, provide education for Islamic studies as well. Secondary schools named “imam hatip lisesi” and faculty of Islamic studies in the universities can be preferred for this purpose.

Trabzon Universities for Foreign Students

university lessonThere are several universities and institutes in Trabzon, both public and private, for those who want to study in Trabzon. Trabzon universities present students with the opportunity of bilingual or multilingual education for some programs. Here are the top universities in Trabzon;

• Karadeniz Technical University

Karadeniz Technical University is a state university and is the most prominent university in Trabzon. It is also the 4th oldest university in Turkey as well. According to the statistics of 2020, the university ranks 20th among all universities in Turkey.

Karadeniz Technical University offers associate’s degree programs, bachelor’s degree programs, graduate (master’s degree) programs, and post graduate programs.

There are 9 vocational schools within the university that offer associate’s degree programs. On the other hand, the number of faculties that offer bachelor’s degree programs is 12. There are also 6 institutes within the university that offer graduate and post graduate programs.

• Trabzon University

Trabzon University is a state university established in the Akçaabat district of Trabzon in 2018. The university includes 8 faculties, 2 institutes, and 8 vocational schools. Trabzon University also offers associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and post graduate programs within its institutions.

Trabzon University is a relatively newer university. Therefore the facilities within it are more up-to-date and meet the needs of the students better.

• Avrasya University

students looking at camera in the classroomAvrasya University is the first private university in Trabzon. It was established in 2010 in the districts of Ortahisar and Yomra. The university includes 4 faculties, 4 vocational schools, and an institute.

Avrasya University provides degrees in 26 undergraduate, 14 graduate, and 36 vocational programs within its institutions. It’s the most popular university in Trabzon among international students with its global vision and multilingual programs.

What Is the Language of Instruction in Universities and International Schools in Trabzon?

As we have mentioned above, the language of instruction is Turkish for primary and secondary education schools. On the other hand, the language of instruction for some programs in universities is English. However, Turkish is the primary language of instruction for most programs in universities as well.

For this reason, universities in Trabzon require you to have Turkish language proficiency. International students who have enrolled in these universities have a right to attend Turkish language courses provided by the universities. These courses are known as TÖMER in Turkish.

What Are the Facilities Like Universities in Trabzon?

students in the room looking at computerThe facilities in and around universities in Trabzon are modern. They are adequate enough to meet the needs of both local and international students. As a result of the innovative approach to education, the Trabzon school facilities are always up-to-date.

Just like in many places, the universities in Trabzon have also sparked more development in their surroundings. Today, the universities in Trabzon are surrounded by rich amenities including transportation, accommodation, leisure activity opportunities, and so on.

Both local and international students can easily find accommodation options in and around universities including dormitories and rental apartments. Social amenities like cafes, restaurants, and bars are also abundant around the universities.

In summary, Trabzon bilingual education facilities fall short in number compared to large cities like İstanbul and Ankara. However, we expect the number of international schools in Trabzon to increase in the upcoming years.

Since Trabzon is a great place to live, the city continues to attract worldwide migration. This growth in the population and diversity is sure to increase the number of international schools.