Today, Turkey is in best country rankings all thanks to the reforms made by Atatürk. Turkey surely draws attention with its marvelous nature, enviable climate, and rich cultural heritage. However, all this would mean nothing if it wasn’t for the modern and welcoming lifestyle in Turkey. The foundations of today’s modern society in Turkey were laid by Atatürk’s Reforms.

Turkey was founded by Atatürk and his comrades in the aftermath of the devastating World War I in 1920. Lay wasted by the terrifying war, Turkey had to go through drastic changes in order to fully recover. These changes were directed to recover the country physically. But, they were also to ensure that the country won’t go through a similar experience ever again.

The very first step towards that objective was to assign the power to govern to the people. This step was completed in three stages. These stages were abolishing the office of the Ottoman Sultanate on November 1, 1922, the proclamation of the Republic on October 29, 1923, and finally the abolition of the office of Caliphate on March 3, 1924. These revolutionary changes were further followed by reforms made in political, legal, economic, educational, and social areas.

How Did Reforms Made by Ataturk in Turkey Turn It Into a Modern Country?

Well thought out and comprehensive reforms made by Ataturk transformed Turkey into a modern and developed country in a short time. These reforms were aimed to develop the country’s economical structure and increase living standards. Granting equality to all individuals in the society was also among the main objectives.

The abolition of capitulations and the formulation of in-depth development plans were some of the steps taken to advance the country’s economical structure. The adoption of international time, calendar, and measurement systems were also among important steps. These changes granted equality for individuals who want to conduct business in Turkey. As a result, they removed the obstacles in front of economical development.

The government also stepped up in the sectors where the powers of individuals were not enough to bring out economic development. Numerous factories and model farms were established to improve in agricultural and industrial sectors. Over time, these reforms enabled higher living standards for everyone. They also made Turkey a good place to invest by purchasing property or establishing a business.

Changes were also made in the educational system for the continuous of developments. The education system was centralized on March 3, 1924. This was to provide quality education to every child in Turkey, regardless of racial and religious background.

Refinement of the education system paved the way for development in every area by providing a qualified workforce. In no time, the healthcare system has become one of the fastest developing areas. Today, the health system in Turkey is one of the best in the world. This is all thanks to experienced doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers educated in well established educational facilities from those times.

Turkey has also witnessed drastic changes in legal and social areas as well. The sharia courts were abolished on April 8, 1924. After this, the government adopted a new series of laws including civil code, penal code, obligation law, and commercial law. These reforms and laws guarantee equal rights to the citizens regardless of their gender, race, or religion.

These laws are also supported by several other reforms to prevent discrimination in social life. The change of clothing for public workers, the closure of religious convents and dervish lodges, and the abolition of titles and by-names were some of them.

These reforms we have mentioned very briefly and many more reforms have transformed Turkey into the modern and welcoming country. They also made living in Turkey for expats and locals a lot more comfortable and pleasant.

Furthermore, these reforms were not only aimed to develop one city but the country as a whole. Before the founding of the Republic of Turkey by Atatürk, İstanbul was a developed city. However, the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, thrived while the rest of the country was living in poverty. Turkey is now a developed country as a whole including the Black Sea Region thanks to the reforms made by Atatürk.

What is the Importance of Trabzon in the Ever Developing and Modern Turkey?

Trabzon is a city that contributes greatly to Turkey’s ever-growing economy. It’s an important port city that enrichens life on the Black Sea coast with its economic potential. Tobacco, tea, hazelnut, cereals, copper, and silver are among the local productions of Trabzon.

Over time, several steps were taken to improve these goods, as in line with Atatürk’s view of economic development. Today, there are several factories in Trabzon. These factories supply the needs of the citizens and earn additional revenue through exports.

Its buoyant economy makes living in Trabzon a lot easier and more comfortable. This situation convinces more people to buy property in Trabzon for settling here.

The low cost of living in Trabzon Turkey and its developed infrastructure are among the top reasons that make Trabzon attractive. But, they are not the only reasons. Trabzon has a rich cultural heritage and many natural beauties that intrigue people’s attention. Trabzon’s famous places attract thousands of visitors every year; which also contributes to the city’s economy.

All these aspects of it make Trabzon a good place to live for everyone and a promising city for investments. However, the best place to stay in Trabzon might differ depending on the lifestyle. Trabzon has a place for everyone. Whether they are looking for an active and social life or a quiet and peaceful life.