As long as they follow the necessary instructions and submit your documents completely, foreigners can easily set up a company in Turkey within one hour.

Commercial property in Trabzon is suitable for foreign citizens who want to apply for citizenship and have a profitable investment. If you plan to establish your own company, especially for the citizenship application, we have provided brief information with the main lines for you.

How to Set Up a Company in Trabzon

You should start the process by finding commercial real estate in Trabzon that will best suit your business investment plans and you can get citizenship. In terms of the sustainability of your business, Trabzon is a source of lucrative investment options as it has been at the intersection of trade routes. Also, the city offers an extremely favorable business environment for international investors, thanks to legal regulations.

So, since the city is already a good choice, you will have to choose the most suitable place for yourself in the city.

Fundamentals of Commercial Property Investing in TrabzonTo open a parenthesis here, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by commercial real estate in Trabzon, which must be worth at least 400.000 USD. You must not sell this property for 3 years to acquire Turkey citizenship by investment.

Like this, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of legal regulations. Trabzon Homes ® experts take care of all the points for you and help you prepare your documents with the company lawyers. We guide you until you find your dream commercial among thousands of properties on our website and complete your process with Zero Failure.

If we go back to choosing a place, a local property specialist, who knows the city well, will give you the most accurate information about the regions. For example, you can learn from these experts the answers to questions, such as where the city is moving towards, where the new large-scale social purpose real estate projects will be made, etc. It will be good for the future of your business to create your customer portfolio and determine where the majority of them are.

After choosing a location and purchasing the property, all that's left is the paperwork. You apply for residence and work permits. Also, after purchasing the commercial, you apply for Turkish citizenship by this commercial property in Trabzon.

The work permit application can be made from Turkey or abroad. For applications to be made from abroad, foreigners are required to apply to the Republic of Turkey representations in their country with the submission of an employment contract, letter of assignment, or a business partnership agreement.

Then, you must prepare the articles of association and commercial book. For establishment registration procedures, it is necessary to apply to Trabzon Trade Registry Office. During the submission of the documents to the registry office, the relevant fees must be paid.

Moreover, a part of the capital of the company should be invested in the Turkish Competition Authority through the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Note: The documents vary according to different types of companies, such as joint-stock companies and limited liability companies.

If your application is approved, you sign the articles of association and commercial books in the registry office. As a final step, you have to place an advertisement in the Trade Registry Gazette for the registration of the company. You also pay a fee for this advertisement text.

This is how the process generally works. These steps can be changed at any time, so it would be a good option to work with an expert to follow the rules.

What does Trabzon Promise to Commercial Real Estate Investors?

First of all, the commercial practices for foreign investors in Turkey are based on the principles of equal treatment. So, the rights and responsibilities valid for domestic investors are also valid for foreign investors.

There is no obligation to have a Turkish share in the capital or management of a foreign company. In other words, a company can be established with 100% foreign capital. Company establishment in Turkey is also exempt from tax.

In addition to these, the busy and diverse business life in Trabzon will provide you with the opportunity to earn more with less risk in the long run.

Fundamentals of Commercial Property Investing in TrabzonObtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Trabzon

If you only want to get citizenship in Turkey rather than starting a company, you can take a look at citizenship-approved villas for sale in Trabzon. These houses attract attention with their very spacious and modern design, which can be a good investment for you. It is very attractive to live a life close to green in the unique nature of the city.

If you want to live in the city center and by the sea, you can give apartments for sale in Trabzon a chance.

But you must not forget:

You can be a Turkish citizen by buying real estate in Trabzon, whether it is a commercial or an apartment, but the real estate value must be at least $400,000.

You can always contact us for more information.