The low expenses, high living standards, extensive opportunities, welcoming culture, and great yield potential are the main reasons to buy property for sale in Trabzon, Turkey. The outstanding city of the Black Sea region meets all of your investment expectations from a high-class lifestyle to gaining profit in the long-term haul.

Reasons to Invest in a Property in Trabzon

The reasons can vary depending on the expectation of your investment. Trabzon real estate market responds to different investment motivations from seeking a profit to a permanent living.

Let’s discuss the reasons to buy an apartment in Trabzon and what Trabzon city has to offer.

High Annual Yield Potential of Properties

Investment chanceTrabzon has become one of the most developed and sought-after residential areas on the northern coast of Turkey in recent years. Since 2019, the number of comprehensive housing projects in the city has increased by 47.3%.

These projects are generally designed as mixed projects including diverse types of properties. Thus, real estate values are increasing day by day in the city of Trabzon due to the high demand and number of new projects.

Ortahisar is one of the most popular living centers of Trabzon. An increase of 31.27% has been observed in the current market values since 2019. In addition, the number of real estate sales in Trabzon is also increasing each passing day.

While the number of sales of apartments for sale in Trabzon Turkey was 167 in the first half of 2021, this number reached 372 in the first half of 2022. Thus, you can make big profits in the short term from your real estate investment in Trabzon today.

Extensive Job and Investment Opportunities

According to the data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute, The employment rate reached 49,7% in the year 2021 in Trabzon while nearby cities with similar living conditions couldn’t exceed 34% - 37%. The employment rate is increased by 2,5% in comparison to the 2020 statistics.

The high productivity of the agricultural activities, winter tourism, services sector, and manufacturing creates extensive job opportunities for the adult workforce.

The port of Trabzon stands out as an important import & export center of the Black Sea region. The city is responsible for nearly 70% of the exportation activities provided from the Slavic countries to distribute Anatolia.

Most of the exported products are related to agriculture and livestock, nutrients and beverages, machinery equipment, and chemical supplies.

The promising statistics of economical growth in Trabzon open new pathways for property investment in Trabzon, especially in terms of commercial properties. If you are planning to open a new branch of your business, Trabzon is the leading city in the Black Sea region in terms of high demand and profit.

Low Living Costs and High Living Standards

Trabzon is one of the most affordable cities on the northern coast of Turkey. The reasonable prices allow you to live a modest, comfortable, and luxurious life altogether within a limited budget.

Combine the cool, breezy, and rainy climatic conditions with fertile soils: You have the perfect match for growing crops and plants.

Thanks to the perfect environmental conditions of the city, the primary nutrients and products growing in and being imported abroad from Trabzon are hazelnuts, beans, tea leaves, corn, and tobaccos.

This high production rate allows residents to buy daily nutrients with base prices exempted from the costs of transportation. Without the costs of importing the goods, the residents buy nutrients at nearly 47% lesser prices than in other cities.

The transportation costs are also relatively reasonable in comparison to more crowded regions. The small scale of Trabzon creates a big advantage in public transportation prices which are 50% lower than metropolitan cities.

The greatness of the lifestyle quality and living standards are mostly related to a major factor that we can call “Purchasing Power”. This term describes the ability to have enough financial sources to provide your daily needs and personal necessities. The purchasing power is deeply linked to the costs of living, which are relatively lower in Trabzon.

Lower living costs allow you to create a budget for personal expenses. This way you can live and raise your child in a healthy, luxe, and comfortable environment with your every need in the palm of your hand.

Welcoming Culture and Tranquil Lifestyle

TRB CultureThe locals of Trabzon are known throughout Turkey for their affectionate demeanor and helpful and friendly attitude. The people of the Black Sea region grow up in a strong relationship with nature and adopted a calm and comfortable living behavior. Life in Trabzon offers a peaceful state of mind away from the chaotic city life.

Trabzon was the last Byzantine settlement after the conquest of İstanbul. The city continues to maintain its importance as the intersection point of Greek, Turkish and Slavic cultures since the day it came under Turkish rule.

The most prominent feature of Trabzon among locals and foreigners is undoubtedly its well-preserved natural beauty. In addition, the people of the city are highly cautious about environmentalism. The green areas occupy 37.2% of Trabzon's surface area. So as locals of Trabzon develop a unique frequency of interaction with nature.

For more information about living conditions and quality of life in Trabzon, you can read the "Is Trabzon a Good Place to Live?" article.

Live Your Best Life in Trabzon

Imagine a city. You can easily reach everything you need. You can provide all your needs at affordable prices. You can create time and budget for your hobbies and pursue a calm and peaceful lifestyle. Trabzon is that city.

Above, we have listed the reasons to invest in Trabzon Turkey real estate. First of all, the city affects you with its own reasons to buy property in Trabzon within the sense of trust, feeling at home, and pleasure.

Take a trip to Trabzon today and discover your reasons firsthand to step into your new life in this lovely city. The expert team of Trabzon Homes ® is happy to be with you on this journey that takes you to the house of your dreams.