There are so many things to do in Trabzon from visiting the Hagia Sophia Museum to having a Turkish breakfast with picturesque views of Uzungol. We have prepared a list of the best places to visit in Trabzon Turkey.

Trabzon is a gorgeous city in the Black Sea region that harmonically combines every shade of green and blue. First-time visitors usually get captured by the city’s unbeatable beauty and generally prefer visiting Trabzon more than once.

The clean air, wonderful weather, and beautiful natural settings make Trabzon not only a perfect vacation spot but also a great place to live in Turkey.

Best Nature-Theme Things to Do in Trabzon

nature, forest, climateIts strategic location on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea region makes Trabzon a perfect place for nature-related experiences.

The convenient climate with Karayel breezes and an average temperature of 16.1 °C supports the diversification of the biological texture of Trabzon. The city has a rich flora with nearly 450 endemic plants throughout the city.

The locals of Trabzon earn their living mostly from the products of nature. The local economy depends on agriculture and nature tourism.

It would be convenient to say that the natural setting is carefully preserved not only by the government but also by the local authorities and residents.

Here are some nature-related things to do in Trabzon.

Have Turkish Breakfast with the Stunning Views of Uzungol

uzungol, mountain, lakeUzungol is the most famous attraction spot of Trabzon because of its picturesque views. The lake and its surrounding natural setting are declared a nature park in 1989. The nature park covers a total area of 149,12 km².

The most epic thing to do in Uzungol Lake in Trabzon is enjoying the breathtaking views. You can have a Turkish breakfast in restaurants on top of the hill whilst the stunning views of the lake lay in front of you. There is also a trekking route along the lake if you would like to discover the area.

Walk Through the Tablelands of Trabzon

Tableland is a geographical context and can be described as a large area of high plain lands. Trabzon is a prominent city that stands out with its numerous tablelands offering stunning views of nature, containing every shade of green.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tablelands of Trabzon are more well-known and preferred to visit than the city center. People often choose to visit Trabzon to get in touch with nature and clean air. The detoxified clean air supports the respiratory system and is perfect for people with asthma, heart, and lung conditions to absorb pure oxygen.

These tablelands are generally situated within a 15 to 30 km radius of the city center. The most famous tablelands are centralized around Macka and Akcaabat.

The most well-known ones in Macka are Lapazan Yaylasi, Şolma Yaylasi and Kiraz Yaylasi. In Akcaabat; Hıdırnebi Yaylasi, Sisirna Yaylasi and Kayabasi Yaylasi are the most preferred places to visit among the tablelands.

Discover the Çal Cave

cal-cave, waterfall, greenÇal Cave is one of the longest natural caves and most visited natural reserves in Turkey. A stream flows through the Çal Cave which makes it also an underground water channel.

The interior space of the cave charms visitors with its organic structure. The water level gets higher during the winter time due to the dense rains and changes between seasons.

The most unique aspect of the cave is that the spaces can transform into a new shape with each step. The changes in the stalactite structure and water level which can exceed over 1,5 meters during the winter are also effective on the shape of the interior space.

Rock Climbing at Şahinkaya

Şahinkaya is a limestone rocky cliff in Çalkaya. The crag is a gem for extreme sports enthusiasts because of its slightly sloped surface.

People frequently visit Şahinkaya for the best rock climbing experience because the environment and field conditions are pretty convenient. Also, the views from the highest points of Sahinkaya are worth the hustle.

For the past few years, new climbing routes were marked with the support of the Trabzon Governorate, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, and Turkey Mountaineering Federation.

Since 2019, Şahinkaya had became one of the attraction spots of Trabzon not only for professional rock-climbing enthusiasts but also for everyone of every age. Thanks to the seasonal events arranged by certain organizations, even children can experience climbing the Sahinkaya with their parents and attendance of professional climbers.

Şahinkaya is a must-see especially if you are into rock climbing and extreme sports.

Experience Swimming in the Black Sea on the Beaches of Trabzon

The ground structure, instant water flows, and wild waves make the Black Sea not the most comfortable place to swim. It is a well-known fact that because of these conditions coasts of the Black Sea region are generally not found eligible for swimming.

However, there are a few coves in Trabzon which were examined by the authorities and found eligible. You can enjoy swimming through the clear waters of the Black Sea.

In each district, there are few sandy beaches. For example you can swim at Akçakale Beach in Akcaabat; Kaşüstü Beach in Yomra, and Yalincak Beach in Yalincak. There is also a women-only beach in Surmene.

Best Cultural Activities to Do in Trabzon

Trabzon has a lot to offer for not only nature lovers but also culture enthusiasts. The history of Trabzon, or ancient Trebizond, traces back to the 7th century BC. Famous ancient source Anabasis, written by Xenophon, also mentions the settlement’s ancient name as Trapezos.

The city has been occupied by Greek colonies, Persians, Romans, and Ottomans. Today, the city of Trabzon charms you with its well-preserved historical monuments which are inherited from these civilizations.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Sümela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery in Turkey is the most well-known historical landmark of the city. Today, it is situated within Altindere Valley National Park.

The first foundation of this monastery dates back to the 4th century AD and it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The complex that we see today toke its final shape with the restorations and additions made during the Komnenos Dynasty.

The most significant aspect of the monastery is that it was built 1,200 meters above sea level on Mount Mela. The monastery will impress you with its ravishing stone carvings and enchanting remains of beautiful frescoes.

Discover the Byzantine Heritage of the City: Hagia Sophia of Trabzon

hagia-sophia-church-trabzonDid you know the actual fall of the Byzantine Empire was not caused by the conquest of Constantinople but by the siege of Trebizond? Trabzon, formerly known as Trebizond, was the last Byzantine land that was also captured by Mehmed the Conqueror in 1461.

The Hagia Sophia of Trabzon is one of the most remarkable monuments built during the middle ages in Anatolia. The building was built by Emperor Manuel I from Komnenos Dynasty between 1238 – 1263.

The structure was restored a few times in the past and opened as a public museum in 1964. The reliefs on each façade, the magnificent architectural style, and the carefully-preserved frescoes are a must-see!

Visit the Ataturk House Museum

The building was first constructed during the 19th century as a summer house of banker Konstantinos Kapagiannidis. It is called “Ataturk Pavillion” because of founding father of the Turkish Republic, Ataturk, stayed here when he visited the city for the first time.

Today the building stands out among all Trabzon museums because of its stylish architecture. It is a typical 19th-century pavilion that combines multiple architectural styles.

The structure shows the characteristics of the traditional residences that belongs to the aristocratic individuals in the 19th century. For example; the pavilion has a well-landscaped garden which was pretty common for mansions in rural areas during the 19th century.

The building operates as a museum today. While visiting, you can take a look at old pictures and furniture made in the 19th century. A few of Ataturk’s personal belongings are also exhibited here.

Shop at the Bedesten Bazaar

“Bedesten” is a commercial structure and a part of a Turkish bazaar. During the Ottoman period, all Bedesten buildings would be considered the heart of the bazaars.

During the Ottoman period, a bazaar would be centered around the Bedesten. These structures were the main place to buy good quality textiles such as silk or cashmere, jewelry, ornaments, and valuable merchandise.

In time, some of these historical buildings changed their context and become kind of a shopping center that offers traditional and local products.

Today, the multi-domed bedesten of Trabzon operates as a prime shopping place in the city center. People often visit the Bedesten Çarşı to buy traditional merchandise, regional herbs, and souvenirs.

If you are planning to bring home a reminder of the lovely days you’ve spent here, Bedesten Çarşı is among the best places in Trabzon for it.

Best Time to Visit Trabzon Turkey

trabzon, beach, black-seaThe best time to visit Trabzon can depend on your purpose of visit. For example, Trabzon is not a place for the ultimate summer experience. The average temperature varies between 5 °C and 27 °C during the summer season.

Yes, there are sandy beaches where you can enjoy swimming in the Black Sea. But if you want to sunbathe under the bright sun and cool off by swimming in the hot weather, Trabzon may not be the best place.

People often visit Trabzon during the spring or fall seasons. Especially in the spring seasons, there is a wide range of local festivals which you can attend to. It is a great opportunity to capture the essence of the Black Sea traditions and culture.

During fall seasons, mildly rainy and cool weather makes a perfect combination with spectacular views of the tablelands. You can go hiking or rock climbing accompanied by the calming soil and woody scents.

Trabzon is not a seasonal place but an all-year-long destination. The city of green offers you different and unique experiences each season. Take a look at our website to explore the cost of living in Trabzon Turkey and purchasing procedures; contact us for more information.