There are many beautiful plateaus in Trabzon. There is no doubt why Trabzon is considered a good place to live. The city is home to everything that can be expected from a modern city with natural beauty.

From Uzungol to Ayder, let’s start with some general information about the most beautiful plateaus in Trabzon.

Why Plateaus in Trabzon are Unique?

It is because %22 of Trabzon’s total area consists of plateaus. So, there are many numbers of plateaus that should be seen. These places offer unique experiences for travelers.

Trabzon has a very interesting location near the Black Sea. You may consider Trabzon a place where green and blue meet perfectly.

The beautiful plateaus of the Black Sea region hosts thousands of visitors each year. While visiting these places, you may also get opportunities to try many different activities. We will mention each of them separately while looking at plateaus.

Each of these plateaus has a unique atmosphere. If you are ready, let’s explore some of the most beautiful plateaus in Trabzon.

Uzungöl Plateau

village around a lake surrounded with trees and greeneryWe are starting with the most famous one. Uzungol Plateau is located in the Caykara district of Trabzon. It is famous for its natural beauty. It is elevation is 1100 meters from the sea level.

The plateau is surrounded by green forests and meadows. Also, you may have heard about Uzungol Lake. This lake is also located on this plateau. There are many activities available on this plateau. You may do trekking, equation, mountain climbing, or nature photography.

Plateau is also home to many touristic facilities, restaurants, and hotels, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Uzungol can be reached by both public transportation and private vehicle.

Hıdırnebi Plateau

a village on a mountain with greenery and cloudsHidirnebi is also another plateau located in the Caykara district of Trabzon. This plateau is highlighted by its historical texture and natural beauty. It is located 1600 meters high above sea level.

This plateau hosts many pine forests and mountain houses. Also, you may enjoy the clean air in this place. In addition, you may visit the Hıdırnebi Mountain House and Hıdırnebi Mosque as historical places.

You may also enjoy the Hıdırnebi Festival. It is held from 19 to 20 July every year. It is one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of a plateau in Trabzon.

Karadağ Plateau

houses on a hill with a beautif viewKaradağ Plateau is located in the Maçka district. It is located in an area that is elevated 1500 meters above sea level. The plateau has a varying flora that gives an exclusive aspect to the place.

At Karadağ Plateau, you may enjoy nature hiking, trekking, cycling tours, equation, and camping. There are several hotels and motels available for stay on this plateau. In addition, you may visit Sumela Monastery and Altindere Valley National Park which are close to this area.

Demirkapı Plateau

small stream of water with greenery and snowThe Demirkapı Haldizen Plateau is located in the Of district of Trabzon. It has an elevation of 1200 meters from sea level. It is one of the most calmful plateaus you can visit in this area.

This plateau has many bungalows, motels, and hotels. You may stay at these places to enjoy the magnificent views. The plateau is also close to Soguksu National Park. You may visit this place too.

There are many activities you can do on this plateau. You may go for a calming walk. You may enjoy the clean air. The Black Sea plateaus will clearly make you feel better and better.

Kadırga Plateau

Our last stop of plateaus is Kadırga. The plateau is located 2300 meters above sea level. Its altitude is not available for trees to grow. So, you may have a clear view of the magnificent natural areas.

This plateau is located between the border of Trabzon and Gümüşhane. Also, this plateau is home to a festival. The Kadirga Festival is held every last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August. Visitors can attend many activities at this festival.

Trabzon: A City that Blends Natural and Historical Beauty

a trail between mountains and a wooden houseThese plateaus are clearly some of the best places to visit in Trabzon. But fortunately, there is more to discover in Trabzon. The city is home to many places that offer unique experiences. From historical places to modern and natural areas, you will have many options to see.

These plateaus to visit in Trabzon clearly show the beauty of the city. You may experience both natural places and traditional festivals at the same time. You may also taste delicious foods specific to the Black Sea region and Trabzon.

In addition to their beauty, plateaus in Trabzon can be easily reachable. While most of them can be reached by public transportation, you may also use your own vehicle. There is an option to visit with tours also.

From amazing lake views in Uzungol to picturesque landscapes, you will have numerous opportunities to discover the city of Trabzon. You will never get bored and will always find things to do in Trabzon.