Indeed. Trabzon is a good place to live for many reasons. From its location near the Black Sea, its greenery lifestyle, and unbeatable weather, Trabzon remains a popular destination to settle in. In this blog, we will list down the best places to live in Trabzon Turkey as well as the living expenses in Trabzon and everything else you need to know.

Trabzon is located on the Black Sea in northeastern Turkey. Trabzon is the major city in Turkey's Karadeniz region. For many years, this city was one of the most important commercial centers due to its prominent geographical location.

Many factors contribute to Trabzon's popularity as a living and housing destination. It is a fortunate tourist city with all the necessary services and amenities. These include universities, resorts, hospitals, and an airport. Life in Trabzon is rather tranquil and closer to a rural lifestyle aside from the city center.

What is the Standard of Living in Trabzon?

Is Trabzon a Good Place to Live?The living standard in Trabzon is not expensive. Housing and the cost of living are less expensive than in other cities. The average cost of rent, transportation, food, and everyday expenses is reasonable.

The cost of living in Trabzon Turkey is medium as it is in other Turkish cities and states. There is a modest pension or minimum salary that fits the human requirement for a decent life. However, it is also related to each person's financial and life needs.

Trabzon is one of the few places in Turkey where you may live on the national minimum wage. Public transportation is reasonably priced with a single charge of roughly TL 3.00. Students also receive discounts on municipal bus lines.

In addition, housing rates in Trabzon are more affordable, with options ranging from villas to apartments. Living in Trabzon as a foreigner is relatively easy as people who want to buy a house or start a business have a variety of possibilities.

Trabzon properties are significantly less expensive than those in other larger cities. However, this does not imply that the luxury and amenities are any less than those in a larger city.

Trabzon real estate includes numerous amenities such as round-the-clock security and on-site services. As Trabzon property for sale is well within everyone's budget, many real estate investors seek out residentials with breathtaking sea views and landscapes.

The city has a diversified population when it comes to people. This multicultural fabric is reflected in the various religious complexes and rich historical heritage. Foreigners living in Trabzon will feel right at home as good relationships with neighbors is crucial for Trabzon residents, and such gatherings will focus on food and music.

Is Trabzon a Good Place to Live?What is the Best Region to Live in Trabzon?

There are many good places to live in Trabzon depending on the lifestyle you are looking for.

One of the most important things to remember when living in Trabzon is to stay away from the city center if you are looking for cheap places to live in Trabzon. The most affordable places to live in Trabzon are usually in the rural areas. If you want to live in the city center, you will have to pay more money for rent and electricity.

Thus, the best region to live in Trabzon Turkey is chosen on one's own budget. Regardless of which city you select, the entire Trabzon district contains green nature and beautiful tourist places. Related page: Top Places to Visit in Trabzon.

We will look at the most important areas in Trabzon that are appealing for real estate. Here are some of the places to buy a property in Trabzon Turkey:


Ortahisar is in the city's center and is regarded as its main hub. It is home to several historical sites and institutions. The city's historic area is a lively center with integrated amenities and services. There are several modern real estate developments and houses in some of the city's high-end neighborhoods.


Yomra is a popular investment location and a fast-rising residential region in the Black Sea Region. It provides stunning views of the sea and valley and is easily accessible. It is home to important service facilities as well as several schools and universities.

Is Trabzon a Good Place to Live?Akçaabat

Akçaabat is located 14 kilometers west of Trabzon's center and boasts an excellent natural environment. It has integrated services that make it an essential destination. Akçaabat has a variety of schools as well as various medical centers. There are also many restaurants and cafes with sea views.


Maçka is in the world-renowned Sümela Monastery region and is distinguished by its scenic environment, tranquility, and comfort. It is also Trabzon's oldest historical district. This is not only one of the most beautiful spots in Trabzon, but also in Turkey


The location boasts a lovely view of the Black Sea. There are luxury residential complexes in big areas. The city center is on the beachfront and numerous tourist amenities have emerged along the coast in recent years.


Araklı is among the important districts of Trabzon. It provides a serene and calm lifestyle with its proximity to nature and the mountains. Pine trees cover the upper mountain peaks.

The region provides all daily and social amenities. People's livelihoods are primarily based on hazelnut and fruit cultivation.

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