Trabzon Turkey has wonderful beaches: Mersin Akçaabat Beach, Yoroz Beach, and Çamburnu Beach are only some of the best beaches.

Trabzon Turkey is one of the distinguished holiday destinations and residential areas in the Black Sea Region. The city attracts visitors all year long. There are various leisure options, easy access to amenities, and a wonderful natural setting here.

There are plenty of joyful things to do in Trabzon: swimming, going to museums, fishing, and eating at the best restaurants in Trabzon.

In the first half of 2023, Trabzon welcomed over 125.000 visitors, with a 77% increase compared to the previous year.
9 districts in Trabzon meet with a 114 km long coastline. Some of these beaches offer a unique atmosphere with black sands, naming the geographic region of the Black Sea.

The natural beauty of mountains and green fields meet with the sea views in Trabzon. If lying on the beach and listening to the waves is your kind of holiday, you will love it here.

The Black Sea is much less salty compared to the other Turkey beaches. For example, the Mediterranean Sea has 36% salt content, while the Black Sea has only 18%.

If you have an adventurous spirit, swimming in the Black Sea will be a fantastic experience for you. We suggest you not exceed the floating security barriers in the sea. Alternatively, there are various wave-free and family-friendly beaches in Trabzon as well.

The Best Beaches to Swim in Trabzon

Of all the beaches in Trabzon, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one. We have listed some of the best beaches for you.

Mersin Beach, Akçaabat

The Best Beaches in Trabzon to SwimAkçaabat Beach is the most popular beach in Trabzon. It is 18 km from the city center. There are hotels and public transportation access here. Akçaabat Mersin Beach operates from 15 June to 15 September.

You can have an enjoyable time with your family here with ease. The sandy beach offers showers, lifeguard services, restrooms, changing rooms, and dining options.

The safety line in Mersin Beach reaches 4 meters at the deepest point. The tests on water quality here offer positive results.

Akçakale Beach, Akçaabat

Akçakale Beach is an important part of Trabzon’s natural beauty. This black-sanded beach dubs the Black Sea region. Akçakale Beach is 9 km from Akçaabat Center and 31 km from Trabzon City Center.

Akçakale Beach offers dressing rooms, showers, parasols, and sunbeds. The beach covers around a 500 m long area. The deepest spot within the safety line in the sea is 5 meters.

Çamburnu Beach, Sürmene

The Best Beaches in Trabzon to GoÇamburnu is a 1.5 km long public beach. With a Blue Flag status, Çamburnu Beach offers a clean and comfortable spare time option to people of all ages. The deepest spot within the safety line on the beach is 7 meters.

Çamburnu Beach is around 6 km from Sürmene Center, 7 km from Of Center, and 50 km from Trabzon City Center.
Breathtaking mountain views surround Çamburnu Beach and create a tranquil environment. If you are an adventure seeker, here you can jump off rocky cliffs into the sea.

Yoroz Beach, Çarşıbaşı

Yoroz Beach offers a tranquil heaven-like space with fine sandy beaches. The deepest spot within the security line is 3 meters.

You can enjoy wonderful greenery views while swimming and sunbathing here. This public beach is near a marina 40 km from Trabzon City Center and 5 km from Çarşıbaşı district center.

There are various facilities nearby. You can rent a parasol and sunbed here along with dining. There are restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms along the beach.

Sürmene Voha Beach

Beaches in Trabzon, TurkeySürmene Voha Beach is in a detached area and offers a tranquil atmosphere with sandy beaches and shallow sea. The beach is 3.1 km from Sürmene Center and 43 km from Trabzon City Center.

This public beach is generally popular among the locals in the area. The beach is 400 m in length. The seawater reaches 5 meters depth within the security line.

Sürmene Women’s Beach

This beach is especially for women. Sürmene Women’s Beach is 3.2 km from Sürmene Center and 38 km from Trabzon City Center.

With a tranquil and secluded atmosphere, Sürmene Beach prioritizes your comfort. All stuff on this public beach is female. Boys under the age of 7 are free to enter the beach.

The sandy beach has a 150 m coastline. There are parasols, sunbeds, showers, dressing rooms, restrooms, parking spaces, and a prayer room along with security and lifeguard services.

Kaşüstü Beach, Yomra

things to do in TrabzonKaşüstü is a famous beach only 15 km from Trabzon City Center. The beach is 400 m long, and the seawater has a maximum 3-meter depth within the safety line.

There are various restaurants and cafes near the beach. This public beach offers wonderful quality time with your loved ones in exchange for a reasonable price.

The facility offers parasols, sunbeds, showers, restrooms, changing rooms, and lifeguard services along with water sports options.

Pirinçlik Beach, Beşikdüzü

Pirinçlik Beach offers a vibrant atmosphere with rich social amenities. Here you can stay at a bungalow and enjoy its aquapark and restaurant.

The beach offers a football pitch and volleyball court along with gazebos.

Beşikdüzü Public Beach

The Best beach locations in TrabzonBeşikdüzü Public Beach offers a tranquil environment and fine sand. The beach is 3.7 km from Beşikdüzü Center and 52 km from Trabzon City Center. Beşikdüzü Public Beach is 170 m in length.

The sea in Beşikdüzü Beach is both shallow and wave-free. This beautiful beach in Turkey Trabzon has a natural marina as well.

Beşikdüzü Public Beach has all the amenities you need: parasols, sunbeds, showers, restrooms, dressing rooms, and F&B facilities.

Kalecik Beach, Araklı

Kalecik Beach is 4 km from Araklı district and 42 km from Trabzon City Center. The beach is 300 m long. The deepest point within the security line is 2 meters.

Kalecik Beach fuses the blue into the green and acquires a peaceful natural setting.

The beach is mainly shingly. Amenities here include parasols, sunbeds, restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms.

Albatros Beach, Akçaabat

Beaches in Trabzon Turkey to swimAlbatros Beach is 9 km from Akcaabat district’s center and 31 km from Trabzon City Center. The beach is 500 m long and offers fine black sands.

Albatros Beach offers parasols, sunbeds, restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms along with parking spaces and an F&B facility.

Marbella Beach, Akçaabat

Marbella Beach Trabzon is a holiday destination 9 km from Trabzon City Center. You can rent a room here. There are various amenities like a restroom, shower, dressing room, parasol, sunbed, bar, restaurant, and communal garden. The F&B facility offers breakfast service as well.

Laila Beach, Çarşıbaşı

Laila Beach is 2 km from Çarşıbaşı district center and 45 km from Trabzon City Center. This public beach with black sand and pebbles offers a social environment. Laila Beach offers restaurants, parking spaces, parasols, sunbeds, showers, dressing rooms, and showers.

Vakfıkebir Public Beach

The Best Beaches in Trabzon to SwimVakfıkebir Public Beach offers a wonderful chilling space with clean waters, a sandy beach, and a long coastal walking trail. The 400 m long beach is 2.7 km from Vakfıkebir Center and 47 km from Trabzon City Center.
The beach has restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms. The shallow seawater here makes Vakfıkebir an ideal beach for families.

Salacık Beach, Akçaabat

Salacık Beach is 7 km from Akçaabat Center and 27 km from Trabzon City Center. The beach offers black sand as well. With clean Health-Ministry-Approved water, Salacık Beach is a popular space.

The beach has showers, dressing rooms, restrooms, and F&B facilities along with lifeguard services.

Yalıncak Beach, Ortahisar

Its central location puts Yalıncak Beach a step further from the other options. Yalıncak Beach is only 11 km from Trabzon City Center.

The seawater here is relaxingly clean and ideal for families. Yalıncak Beach offers amenities such as showers, restrooms, dressing rooms, parasols, sunbeds, and F&B facilities.

FAQ about the Beaches in Trabzon

Still, have questions? Here are the answers!

  1. What is the best time of year to visit the beaches in Trabzon?

The best time of year to visit Trabzon is the summer and autumn months. During this period, swimming and sunbathing on the beaches in Trabzon will offer the highest amount of joy.

However, Trabzon is always beautiful with natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage. Trabzon offers mild summers and cool winters. The average temperature is 14.6°C throughout the year. The coolest month is February and the warmest month is August.

The coastal parts are usually warmer compared to inland areas. The winters and the spring will make rain lovers smile.

  1. Can you recommend any beaches in Trabzon that are easily accessible from the city center?

Sure thing! Here are the most accessible beaches with their distance from Trabzon City Center.

  • Marbella Beach: 9 km
  • Yalıncak Beach: 11 km
  • Kaşüstü Beach: 15 km
  • Mersin Beach: 18 km
  • Salacık Beach: 27 km
  1. Which beach offers the best views of the Black Sea?

Kalecik Beach, Çamburnu Beach, Yoroz Beach, Albatros Beach, and Salacık Beach offer the best views of the Black Sea in Trabzon. However, all beaches in Trabzon the turquoise waters with green and create a precious Black Sea view.
What are the popular sports activities in Trabzon?

Trabzon is more than a coastal city with friendly faces. This city offers various sports activities for a fully enjoyable lifestyle. The most popular sports activities in Trabzon are:

  • Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Canoe Sailing
  • Swimming
  1. Can I find water sports facilities at the beaches in Trabzon?

Yes. There are various sports facilities on the coastlines in Trabzon. With high-quality equipment and experienced staff, the best sports facilities in Trabzon beaches will provide you with a joyful experience.

  1. Is it safe to swim in the Black Sea?

Yes, but only if you act wisely. The waves on Trabzon beaches may reach higher from time to time. During this period, the beaches that feature the slightest possibility of hazard are strictly off-use.

Each of the beaches in Trabzon has a floating security barrier. If you stay within the safe area, you are good.

There are lifeguards on Trabzon beaches. However, you need to take precautions, just like you would do on any other beach. If you can’t swim well, stay where you feel safest. You can also use water wings, safety rings, or noodles.