Boztepe Seyir Terası (Boztepe View Terrace in English) has been opened in April 2023. It is getting high demand from local and foreign visitors. It fastly became a tourist attraction after its service started.

Trabzon has many unique tourist attractions. Boztepe Seyir Terası allows its visitors to observe these places in an elevated location. The Boztepe Teleferik (Boztepe Cable Car) also allows visitors to easily access the view terrace.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Boztepe View Terrace.

What is Boztepe Seyir Terası?

What is Boztepe Seyir Terası?Boztepe (lit. Gray Hill in English) is a mountain/hill located near the center of Trabzon. In addition to Boztepe Mountain, there is a neighborhood with the same name in the area. Boztepe is also an important place for Christians. There are 4 holy springs in Boztepe.

In short, Trabzon Boztepe is a great attraction point at an elevated location. It overlooks the many parts of the Trabzon city center. So, it is naturally a wonderful place to host a panorama view terrace. From this terrace, you will be able to see the top places to visit in Trabzon.

Boztepe Seyir Terası is a view terrace approximately 1100 m long. In the view terrace, there are 10 observation points, 3 social facilities, 3 window terraces, photograph areas, seating and relaxation areas, observation steps, a big sky swing, an emblematic Trabzon monument, a net terrace system, and an adventure and excitement platform.

Boztepe Seyir Terası is located in the city center. So, it can be easily accessible by private or public transportation, as well as the cable car.

How to Enjoy Boztepe Seyir Terası Best?

How to Enjoy Boztepe Seyir Terası Best?The view terrace in Boztepe Trabzon is open between 8 AM to 12 PM from Monday to Wednesday and between 8 AM to 11:30 PM on other days.

Thanks to the extensive service hours, each part of the day is suitable to visit the view terrace. But the best times to visit Boztepe Seyir Terası will be hours around sunset.

There are many things to do at the Boztepe Seyir Terası. You may enjoy unique views, relax in seating areas, have a coffee, and chat with friends in social facilities. Also, you may attend the attractions offered at the view terrace.

In short, there are various ways to enjoy the view from Boztepe Seyir Terası. Also, the cafes in the place will also offer good views while drinking your coffee.

Boztepe Seyir Terasi became one of the most demanded attractions in Trabzon. Not passing more than a month, the view terrace in Trabzon is visited by more than 300 thousand people.

For more detailed information, you may take a look at Boztepe Seyir Terası Project Details.

Are There Any Other Attractions Like Boztepe Seyir Terası in Trabzon?

Are There Any Other Attractions?In addition to Boztepe panorama terrace view offers, there are many places to see in Trabzon. Places like Sumela Monastery, Uzungol Lake, Hagia Sophia Museum, and Zagnos Valley are highly recommended to see in the first place.

Trabzon is a coastal city. So, you may swim, sunbathe, or do water sports in Trabzon. In the beautiful city, there will be vast options to spend free time.

Trabzon’s city center is a modern place with various shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and more facilities. You walk also walk down the streets of Trabzon. In the streets, you will find pieces from the historical texture of the city.

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