Large malls, outlets, and historic bazaars featuring many small shops and boutique stores are among the best places for shopping in Turkey Trabzon. Trabzon is a modern city with a very long history, diverse cultural background, mesmerizing nature, and rich cuisine. There are many beautiful places to visit in Trabzon.

All these aspects of Trabzon make it one of the most popular tourist centers in Turkey. Every year, thousands of people from all around the world flock to Trabzon to explore its beauties and experience its delicious traditional foods. As an attraction center, Trabzon naturally offers its visitors plentiful shopping places. Let’s examine them a bit more closely;

Best Places to Shop in Trabzon Turkey

The best places to shop in Trabzon Turkey are large shopping centers where you can find all kinds of stores and historic bazaars where you can find traditional goods. Here are the most important places in Trabzon to have a pleasant shopping experience;

Forum Trabzon Shopping Center

trabzon-forum-shopping-centerForum Trabzon Shopping Center is located in the Ortahisar District of Trabzon and is the biggest shopping center in Trabzon and in the East Black Sea Region. There are over 150 stores in Forum Trabzon Shopping Center including the stores of worldwide known brands. So, if you are shopping for clothes in Trabzon, you should choose Forum Trabzon for many more options.

Apart from clothing stores, Forum Trabzon features many more stores for footwear, jewelry, accessories, electronics, homeware, home improvement, optical, cosmetics, books, sports equipment, and more. Additionally, you can take a sip of a delicious coffee or fill your stomach with tasty foods for a very reasonable price in the food court of the shopping center.

Bedesten Market

Bedesten Market is a historical bazaar dating back to the Ottoman era located in the city center. Both local and foreign history lovers choose Bedesten Market for the best shopping in Trabzon. The historical roofed bazaar is probably the best place to buy traditional goods and souvenirs.

You can find many stores selling clothing, leather, ornamental products, precious stones, porcelain products, and various handcrafts in Bedesten Market. Especially, jewelry and accessories made with the traditional telkari (filigree) technique are among the most famous goods in Trabzon.

Varlıbaş Atapark Shopping Center

varlibas-atapark-shopping-mall-trabzonVarlıbaş Atapark Shopping Center is another shopping mall in Turkey Trabzon city center. Though it’s smaller than Forum Trabzon Shopping Center, it’s still a large mall where you can find all types of goods and services you may need. Varlıbaş Atapark Shopping Center has a very central location and can be easily accessed from every part of the city.

Its advantageous location makes Varlıbaş Atapark Shopping Center a popular shopping destination among locals. Additionally, you can find your needs at a more reasonable price here.

Kemeraltı and Semerciler Markets

Kemeraltı and Semerciler Markets are among the most important historical bazaars in Trabzon. These markets are named after the streets they are located. They feature some of the oldest shops in Trabzon and some restored historical buildings.

Kemeraltı and Semerciler Markets are best for buying traditional goods and local souvenirs for your loved ones. Traditional coffee pots, mugs, trays, jewelry, and decors made of copper, traditional clothes and accessories, organic foods, spices, and various handcrafted goods are among the goods sold in these markets.

Cevahir Mall

trabzon-cevahir-shopping-mallCevahir Mall is located in the Yomra District of Trabzon. It is the only large shopping center in the relatively less crowded district of Yomra. As a result, it’s the favorite shopping destination of people staying in Yomra or coming here for a short visit. As expected of a mall, Cevahir Mall accommodates tens of stores selling all kinds of goods and services.

Trabzon Meydan Parkı

Last but not least, Trabzon Meydan Parkı is one of the most popular shopping places in Trabzon as well. Trabzon Meydan Parkı is the main square in the city center and is one of the many features that make Trabzon a good place to live. It’s a lively square that is surrounded by abundant recreational areas, many cafes, restaurants, and various shops. In this square, all kinds of daily amenities can be found within walking distance.

However, people don’t come to Trabzon Meydan Parkı only for shopping purposes. It’s also a meeting point for occasions and to have a pleasant time with friends, family, and loved ones.